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Do You Know How These Walking Dead Characters Died?

As The Walking Dead shuffles off into the distance for another season, it is time to look back for our very own “In Memoriam” tribute. In seven seasons and seven years, there have been over 250 deaths on the show. Under the guidance of showrunners including Frank Darabont, Glen Mazzara, and Scott Gimple, we have seen Robert Kirkman’s comic book apocalypse brought to life on our screens. We have met cannibals, Wolves, one-eyed madmen, and bat-swinging sleazes, all of whom have dispatched some of the show’s most memorable faces.

Whether you loved Negan bashing in Glenn’s skull, or Hershel having his head lopped off in the prison yard, AMC’s zombie romp can sure craft a dramatic death scene. Some have been explosive, some have been violent, and some have been random acts of nature. From the very first time Rick shot down the bandits, right through to the season 7 finale’s big death, we have cried and cowered as our favorite characters bit the dust. Now it’s time to test your knowledge and put that juicy grey matter to the test before the walkers chow down on it. Do You Know How These Walking Dead Characters Died?

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