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Do You Know How These Game Of Thrones Characters Died?

When you play the Game of Thrones, you either win or die. But if six seasons of this HBO series has taught us anything, you’re much more likely to die. The War of the Five Kings took many lives, and with Stannis finally meeting his demise last season, all of these self-proclaimed kings are officially dead. Queen Cersei now sits the Iron Throne, but the Seven Kingdoms are far from stable. And with Jon Snow declared King in the North and Daenerys Targaryen setting sail for Westeros, we have a feeling that there’s a lot more bloodshed on the horizon. Not to mention that the White Wakers are fast approaching the Wall!

On a series overflowing with gruesome deaths, it may be hard to remember how these characters actually died, or who carried out the killing. We’re looking for the actual cause of death. So if a character was brought to their knees by a stray arrow, but actually put out of their misery with a sword to the heart, the person that plunged the blade is the real culprit — not the bowman, or the person who plotted the betrayal.

Much like these characters, the time has come to let the gods decide your fate. Do You Know How These Game Of Thrones Characters Died?

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