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Was This Crazy Movie Stunt Done By An Actor Or A Stuntperson?

“I do all my own stunts.” An easy thing to say, but a hard thing to do. For the sake of their performance’s authenticity, and the overall believability of the film, some actors will volunteer to do stunts. Some will insist on doing them. Directors and producers might cringe, but once an actor has their mind set on doing something, it can be hard to talk them down from it.

Fortunately, when actors are worn down, there’s an abundance of skilled stuntpeople. These are the men and woman smart enough, and bold enough, to pull of the wild stunts that make audiences gasp in their seats. They’re the professionals you leave this kind of stuff to, the ones who advise you to not try this at home. More often than not, you owe these people a round of applause for the crazy stunts that unfold onscreen. But sometimes, an actor will have their way.

Take a look at the stunts in this quiz, and see if you can figure out Was This Crazy Movie Stunt Done By An Actor Or A Stuntperson?

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