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Can You Tell Pokemon From Digimon?

For decades now, the debate has raged about whether Pokémon or Digimon are the superior creature companions. With the former beginning as a video game series in 1996 and the latter coming a year later as a virtual pet, they’re likely too close in creation to be exact copies. They both had similar sources, and thus tread similar paths. The key difference is the goal was to catch as many Pokémon as possible, whereas a tamer usually stuck with one Digimon.

Still, both were used to battle and could evolve into more powerful forms, all while you traveled through a fantastical land full of a never-ending parade of these creatures. Since their inception, both series have spread across virtually all forms of media and have spawned hundreds of creatures for fans. Each franchise has experienced a recent revival, with the smashing (initial) success of Pokémon Go and the new anime Digimon Adventure tri,

All but the most diehard fans, however, will likely still have a tough time telling one set of characters from another. Can You Tell Pokémon From Digimon?

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