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Can You Tell If These Are Disney Channel Original Movies?

Disney Channel Original Movies are amazing. Some may say that made-for-TV movies are usually bad, and thus Disney Channel Original Movies are bad. Those people are wrong.

’90s and ’00s kids will never forget Disney Channel Original Movies (aka DCOMs). Every time they rewatch these movies, they experience a warm feeling of nostalgia, like the ’00s is hugging their hearts. You can read tons of articles reminiscing about them (like this one!), including rankings of all of them (there are 102). They will be in our hearts forever.

But childhood memories are nebulous, and it can be hard to remember whether certain movies we loved were DCOMs or something else. Maybe some of the movies we’re remembering were actually made by Disney, but aired before the network coined the term Disney Channel Original Movie. Perhaps they were released theatrically and may or may not have aired on the Disney Channel afterward. And maybe some weren’t made by Disney at all. Can you tell if these are Disney Channel Original Movies?

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