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Do You Remember The Super Nintendo? Can You Name These SNES Games?

Released in 1991 in North America (and discontinued 8 years later), the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES for short) was a monster success. With better graphics, better sound, more memory, and more complex controllers than its predecessor, the SNES (along with the Sega Genesis and, to a lesser extent the Turbografx-16) took gamers to previously unimagined heights. For example, the original flagship (and launch pack-in) title of the system, Super Mario World, added greatly to the mythology of the Mario series of games– and in the process pushed the boundaries of what platform gaming was capable of.

There were over 700 games released for the system in North America. Several games from the Super Nintendo continue to be put on All-Time Greatest lists even these twenty-plus years later. The Super Nintendo also cemented a number of characters as Nintendo brand fixtures; leading them to be included or referenced in future Nintendo games like the Mario Party and Mario Kart series.

So the question remains, how well do you know the Super Nintendo? Click through our quiz and see just how knowledgeable you really are! Can you name these SNES games?

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