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Can You Name These Wonder Woman Supporting Characters?

Finally, Wonder Woman is getting the mainstream attention she deserves. With the live-action movie receiving nearly universal positive reviews and Greg Rucka’s recent run in the comics, Diana is certainly riding high. She’s the Queen of DC Comics, and she’s finally been given the opportunity to truly stand shoulder to shoulder with the other members of DC’s trinity, Batman and Superman. Wonder Woman, of course, is a complicated character with a vast and underutilized supporting cast. She stands for peace, but she isn’t afraid to go to war; likewise, many of the members of her secondary characters were either enemies at one point or have a complicated relationship with Wondy anyway.

Unfortunately, Diana and her catalogue of supporting players still aren’t as well-known as the folks that stand behind Supes and the Dark Knight. It doesn’t help that she’s so heavily entrenched in Greek mythology. All those gods with alternate names and children with alternate names—not to mention the fact that all the reboots and retcons have changed these characters’ designs more than once.

It’s not easy to keep track, but thankfully, you now have this quiz. We’ve compiled a list spanning Wonder Woman’s entire publishing and media history of supporting characters. If you don’t know the cast well, if you’re in need of a refresher, or if you just want to see how much you know about Diana’s world, we have you covered. So, Can You Name These Wonder Woman Supporting Characters?

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