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Can You Name These Star Trek Species?

Throughout its fifty year history, Star Trek has taken us on a journey to strange new worlds we could only dream of. There has been an incredible amount of world-building involved, which all started with Gene Roddenberry’s vision of an optimistic, utopian-esque future. One of the greatest qualities about the Star Trek franchise is how inclusive it is in terms of race, gender, and ultimately, species. Each species has a unique planet, culture, language, and history, which both distinguishes them and often shows how they’re not so different from others. In this way, Star Trek’s diversity serves as a reminder that even with our many differences, we can all still come together for a common goal.

As the crews of the Voyager, Defiant, various Enterprises, and numerous other Starfleet and non-Starfleet vessels have traveled across space and time, they’ve encountered a multitude of these species—friendly and otherwise. The United Federation of Planets boasts a membership of over one hundred and fifty worlds, and there are more than fifty different species seen or mentioned in the five TV series and thirteen movies. These species range from humanoid types who are barely distinguishable from Earthborn humans to animal-like beings to energetic lifeforms. See if you can name all twenty-five of these Star Trek species from a photo of one of their people.

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