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Can You Name These Sci-Fi & Fantasy Heroines?

One of the most appealing aspects of the science fiction and fantasy genres is the overwhelming abundance of powerful, beautifully-written, fascinating characters just waiting to be discovered. Best of all, sci-fi and fantasy movies, books, and television shows have truly embraced gender equality and helped to break down social barriers, delivering dynamic and fully-realized female stars to the masses. Iconic leading ladies, like Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor, have set the bar so high for mainstream heroines that viewers and readers demand that truly badass heroines get the respect they deserve. The most impressive of the bunch can field-strip an assault weapon in the blink of an eye or, you know, casually lead the remnants of humanity on an epic trek across the galaxy in search of a new home. That’s kind of what we’ve done with this quiz: we’ve compiled 25 of the most beloved, show-stopping heroines across the entire sci-fi/fantasy galaxy, and it’s up to you to identify them all.

We love watching major intellectual properties – like Marvel, DC, and Lucasfilm – discard antiquated gender roles and build up heroines worthy of our attention and adoration. These characters are true role models that fans love to root for. Better yet, they’re the kind of heroes that young girls can look to for inspiration and motivation. It’s time to prove that you’ve been paying attention to the changing landscape of sci-fi and fantasy, Screen Ranters! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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