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Can You Name These Rick And Morty Characters?

Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is quickly becoming one of the most beloved shows to ever grace the late-night block of animated programming aimed at an older audience. The world– or rather, worlds– that the show has created seems to grow at an exponential rate with each new episode. And each alien, monster, or inter-dimensional that’s introduced adds to a list that’s already a bit difficult to keep track of. However, true fans of the Smith family’s misadventures have somehow been able to catalog each new world, species, and character introduced with each press of the button on Rick’s portal gun.

With the highly anticipated third season of Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty fast-approaching, this quiz should serve as a refresher to some of main cast – and the growing number of supporting characters bound to show up in future inter-dimensional adventures. So let’s see if you’re as smart as Rick or as dumb as Morty by trying your hand at naming these characters from the show!

How well do you really know Rick and Morty? Can You Name These 25 Characters?

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