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Can You Name These 50 Power Rangers Villains?

The Power Rangers’ next big-screen outing is almost upon us, so it’s a good time to look back on the past 20-plus years of morphing, Zords, and giant monsters that are only vulnerable to the most elaborate and preparation-heavy of weapons. We honestly don’t know why the monsters didn’t just take the Rangers out while they were announcing and assembling each piece of things like the Power Blaster, which is a giant gun that the heroes make by combining all of their individual gear. But if they had, the show wouldn’t have been on for so long, and we wouldn’t be here now. Plus, their enemies weren’t usually very smart. One of them was literally just a walking pachinko machine, and that probably doesn’t translate to intelligence, but we’re sure he had a lot of balls.

And if you already knew about Pachinko Head (his actual name), you might want to try your skills on our quiz. We’ll show you 50 of the hundreds of enemies that various teams of Power Rangers have faced in their decades-long history, and all you have to do is identify them. It may not be as easy as it sounds; most of their names weren’t as on-the-nose as “Pachinko Head.” So how about it? Can You Name These 50 Power Rangers villains?

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