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Can You Name These Movies Based On The Poster?

We are living in the golden age of marketing, a time when the goal isn’t simply to create a product, but to then sell it to the masses. And when it comes to marketing their films, Hollywood’s major studios pull out all the stops. Marvel released an ant-sized trailer for Ant-Man, Fox produced an entire tv spot with an in-costume Ryan Reynolds to announce a trailer for Deadpool, and Dwayne Johnson is constantly posting pictures and videos of his upcoming projects to his millions of followers on social media. Basically, when a movie studio has a film on the horizon, you bet your precious bottom you’re gonna know about it!

While technological advances have allowed studios to make bigger and better trailers, their biggest marketing tool is, was, and always will be the poster. Often released months (sometimes more than a year) before the movie itself, posters are designed to generate an early buzz. Sometimes the posters are great, sometimes they’re terrible, and sometimes they’re…Nolan-ized, but the goal is always to be memorable. That being said, let’s see if these 25 films made the cut. How many can you name based on the poster alone?

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