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Do you Know These Green Lantern Characters?

Green Lantern is one of the most unique comic book concepts of all time. Where else but comics could you find color coded space cops using rings as weapons? The GLs stand up there with Star Trek and Star Wars when it comes to the depth of the lore and a massive catalog of characters. In Green Lantern comics, the story begins at the beginning of time and spans into the last minutes before the universe dies of old age.

The Lanterns have split the universe up in 3,600 sectors with multiple ring-slingers patrolling each one, protecting the people from evil, but there aren’t just Green Lanterns flying around anymore. There’s a corps for every color in the spectrum, each representing a different emotion—green for willpower, yellow for fear, red for rage, blue for hope, orange for avarice, indigo for compassion, and violet for love. Each member of the corps has a living embodiment of that emotion to power their rings. Do the math on that, and yeah, you’ll discover that there are more than a few characters running around out there.

We couldn’t use everyone for this quiz, but we grabbed a little bit from every corps and the deepest, weirdest places in the mythology to test your knowledge. So, the big question now is, Can you Name These Green Lantern Characters?

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