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Can You Name These Gotham City Heroes?

When you think of Gotham City, you probably think of the Batman. That’s no huge surprise, since that big black bat on his chest is one of the most recognized symbols in the world, emblazoned on countless T-shirts, baseball caps, posters, and bumper stickers. But even though the Dark Knight may be the most popular resident of Gotham City, he’s definitely not the only hero who prowls its streets, protecting the good people from the city’s more superstitious and cowardly lot.

If you thought Batman was the only hero in his hometown, you thought wrong. Gotham has a long list of other vigilantes, sidekicks, good cops, and mystical vigilantes, many of whom Batman has teamed up with when the need arose, and many of whom honed their skills under Bruce Wayne’s skilled tutelage. But not all of these characters have worked alongside the Caped Crusader; there are many who stand on their own, loners who keep watch over the areas that even Batman himself misses. If you think you’re an expert on all things Gotham City, the time has come to test that knowledge, and see where you truly stand. Do you have what it takes? Can You Name These 50 Gotham City Heroes?

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