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Can You Name These Fictional Sci-Fi/Fantasy Locations?

Location plays a key role in any great story, especially when it comes to genres like fantasy and science fiction. To understand a character’s motivations, one must also know what kind of place, culture, and environment that character comes from. So many of the most popular movies, comics, and TV shows of today take place in fictional cities, countries, and planets, usually based on the places in our world — but with a twist.

An epic saga like Game of Thrones is made so much more real by the inclusion of that detailed world map that we see in the opening theme, with each city and island possessing its own name, history, and characters. On the sci-fi side of things, part of what makes Star Trek and Star Wars so fun is the inclusion of so many weird and wacky planets, each with their own species of alien. In comic books, the home cities of heroes like Batman and Superman play an enormous role in who those characters are, and are almost as familiar as the heroes themselves.

If you’re a true sci-fi and fantasy geek, then you probably will recognize all of these fictional locations right off the top of your head. But now, it’s time for the ultimate test. Can You Name These Fictional Sci-Fi/Fantasy Locations?

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