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Can You Name All These Dragon-Type Pokémon?

Pokémon Red Blue introduced Dragon-type Pokémon to the series. These beasts were known for being stronger than their brethren, though they often took longer to level up and evolve. This also meant that they were hard to find and usually didn’t show up until later in the game. Things changed for Dragon-type Pokémon in X & Y, when Fairy-type Pokémon was introduced to the series. These acted as a hard counter to dragons. As such, the Dragon-type Pokémon were made more common, which has increased their use in online play.

As the Pokémon series progressed, the amount of Dragon-type trainers increased. Some of the most fearsome foes in the series specialized in the use of dragons. Trainers like Lance, Clair, Drake, Drayden, Iris, and Drasna all fought with powerful dragons on their teams. Lance and Iris used their squad of serpents to become the respective Champions of their region.

If you clicked on this quiz, then you probably think that you know your Dragon-type Pokémon. The number of dragons has increased drastically since Pokémon Red & Blue, which gives us a lot of creatures to choose from. So can you name all of these Dragon-type Pokémon?

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