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Can You Name These Doctor Who Aliens And Monsters?

Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction TV show of all time. Premiering in 1963 and continuing to air today, it follows the adventures of the time (and space) traveling Doctor and his ever changing roster of companions. The show is currently on its twelfth version of the Doctor, played Peter Capaldi, and will be introducing his newest companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) in the season 10 premiere.

Doctor Who has held onto its popularity for so long due to its ability to tell stories that are both important and incredibly silly at the same time. Episodes vary from stories where the Doctor has to save the universe and everyone he loves to ones featuring dinosaurs on a spaceship. The Doctor is a complex character that fans have come to love, even as his face changed throughout the years.

Some of the best parts of Doctor Who are seeing the wide array of interesting creatures, monsters, and fellow aliens he’s met – some friendly and others decidedly not. But can you tell these creatures apart? Do you know the difference between the Beast Below and The Beast? It’s time to test your Whovian knowledge! Can You Name These Aliens And Monsters?

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