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Can You Name These 50 Giant Movie Monsters?

Giant monsters are back in style. The successful arrival of new big screen incarnations of both King Kong and Godzilla, each in their own respective films, has ignited what is now being called the MonsterVerse, a cinematic universe which will no doubt soon be filled with dozens of skyscraper-toppling beasts that make human beings look like ants.

But giant monsters are not a new presence at the multiplex. Almost since movies began as an art form, monsters have rattled our houses and stalked our nightmares. Film has been a breeding ground for countless enormous prehistoric animals, massive space aliens, giant human beings, and terrifyingly huge robots, all of whom have stomped through cities and ruined our memorials, symbolizing everything from the atomic bomb to climate change. Sure, human-sized monsters are creepy. But when you’re standing at the foot of a creature bigger than your house, you know you’re a goner. And if two of them are doing battle with each other, as is often the case… well, there goes the neighborhood.

Think you’re an expert on giant monsters? Well, the time has come to put that notion to the test. Can You Name These 50 Giant Movie Monsters? 

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