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Can You Name These 50 Avengers?

You’ve seen the movies. You’ve read the comics. Their faces are on your T-shirts, and most likely your underwear. When it comes to superhero teams they don’t get any bigger, better, or mightier than the Avengers. In 1963, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to protect our planet from the worst the Marvelverse had to offer. As epic an event as that was, the team didn’t really catch on, and for most of their comic book tenure, they’ve taken a backseat to the likes of the X-Men and Spider-Man. But one shared cinematic universe and a Robert Downey Jr. later, the Avengers had smashed their way into becoming full-blown pop cultural phenomenons. Nowadays, everyone and their great-grandmother knows who these heroes are. Or so they think.

With over 50 years of assembling to their name, some of the greatest superheroes from the history of comics have passed through the doors of Avenger Mansion, as have some of the most ridiculous. So how well do you know Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? If you clicked on this quiz, probably pretty well. Here’s your chance to prove it. Let’s see if you’re worthy enough to be wearing Captain America’s shield on your underpants.

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