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Can You Name These 25 Superhero Sidekicks?

Being a superhero is pretty much the world’s toughest job. It is an oft under-appreciated and incredibly lonely existence. This is probably why a fairly large number of heroes – no matter how unwillingly – have eventually agreed to take on an apprentice. The decision enables them to train someone in their image and, in the process, make the world a safer place. It also provides them with some much needed companionship. In certain cases, the best person for the job isn’t a person at all, but rather a four-legged friend instead. Let’s be honest, a puppy is much easier to train than a teenager, anyway!

Although Marvel superheroes have had sidekicks, it was DC Comics who not only created the quintessential sidekick in Robin, but also perfected the idea. In fact, there have been enough Robins by this point to form a super team of their own. Do you remember each and every one of them? If so, you might just ace this quiz. However, there is so much more to this than the Caped Crusader’s most famed protégé. It’s time to test your knowledge of all sidekicks, both known and not so well known. Let’s see how you do!

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