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Can You Name These 25 Signature Dragon Ball Moves?

Since the first manga premiered back in 1984, fans have been dedicated to the Dragon Ball franchise for over 30 years. Moreover, with the launch of Dragon Ball Super, the love for Goku, Gohan, and the other Z Fighters has been reignited. Though while many differences exist between the manga and the anime, one thing remains the same: the fights are always amazing.

This quiz is not simply about Dragon Ball trivia. No, you’ll have to be a true fan to win this challenge. We want to test you on your knowledge of the signature movies from the shows. This quiz will cover all of the shows from Dragon Ball through Dragon Ball Super. Also, if you have played any of the video games, you have an even better advantage.

Don’t worry; all of these moves were named throughout the series and, usually, yelled out before they were performed (you know, typical anime behavior). Keep in mind that over the years, one fighter may have created a move, but someone else may have performed it so much that it has become their recognized move. To keep it fair, we have covered moves executed by both the heroes and villains. Good luck everyone!

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