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Can You Name These 50 Members Of The Suicide Squad?

Debuting in The Brave and the Bold #25 in 1959, the Suicide Squad were once one of the government’s top operatives in the fight against next-level threats. Following a resurrection by writer John Ostrander in 1987, the Squad began redefining the idea of prisoner rehabilitation. Overseen by the shadowy organization Checkmate, Task Force X would continue its black ops missions, but would replace its military operatives with incarcerated supervillains. Though the rogues’ incentive was a shortened sentence, they were also implanted with explosives that would detonate should they stray from their mission (or should their handlers deem it necessary).

Task Force X, morbidly referred to as the “Suicide Squad” by those within it, has recently garnered a bigger spotlight thanks to the film set in the DCEU. While many of the characters in the movie have had a long history with the Squad, its ranks have featured countless villains and a few heroes over the decades. Do you think you’ve got the comic book knowledge to name these 50 members of the Suicide Squad? Let’s find out!

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