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Can You Name These 25 Dragon Ball Characters?

Across decades of manga, TV shows, games, and movies, the Dragon Ball franchise has spawned hundred of characters. From small, background players to the essential Z Fighters and their villains, even the most ardent viewer and diehard fan can have a hard time remembering all the various names. And with so many based on food puns, it’s certainly easy to get things mixed up when trying to recall who’s named what.

From brand new characters, to all the exceptional humans on the series, to all the powerful female fighters, Dragon Ball and its sequels have a sprawling cast of popular and obscure characters. Do you think you have what it takes to identity even some of the oddest and deepest cuts? We pulled together a number of heroes and villains from across the series to test your knowledge and challenge you as a fan. Can You Name These 25 Dragon Ball Characters?

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