Can You Name These 25 Adventure Time Characters?

Can You Name These 25 Adventure Time Characters?
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Now in its eighth season (plus two spin-offs and a number of comics), Adventure Time has become a favorite among kids and adults alike thanks to its trippy visuals, lovable characters, and absurdist humor. Along the way, it’s tackled some heavy subjects and teased out a dense mythology involving nuclear war. There’s a lot of things we want to see happen before the show ends in 2018, but we mostly just want to spend more time with our favorite characters.

Though the story often focuses on Finn, Jake, and their close friends, Adventure Time has built up a vast ensemble full of characters we’d love to see get their own spin-off. Some have shown up once, never to return, while others have become integral parts of the ongoing story. Most people know the main protagonists of the show, but do you have have it takes to name some of the more obscure Adventure Time characters? Take theisquiz to test your knowledge.

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