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Can You Identify These Superheroes And Villains By Their Costume?

A comic book hero or villain’s costume is crucial to their identity. It’s the first thing their enemies see before the inevitable fights break out, and it’s the last thing they see before they lose consciousness or die, depending on whom we’re talking about. It has to make an impression.

Some heroes, like Iron Man, spend years iterating and working on their crime-fighting suits to maximize effectiveness and add tools to meet changing needs. Other characters, like the Arkham games’ Poison Ivy, just throw on a shirt and some bikini bottoms made of leaves (or “underplants”) and call it good. If you consider yourself an expert in comic book work clothes, we’ve created a quiz to help you test your knowledge.

We’ve collected 25 pictures of heroes and villains from different eras of comic bookery and removed distinguishing characteristics (like their faces and skin), leaving only the clothes behind. Your job is to guess who traditionally sports the outfit. In case you get stumped, we’ve also provided clues to help you narrow it down. We don’t really expect you to have decades of wardrobe changes completely memorized — but it’s the internet, so we can’t say we’d be surprised.

Continue on to test your knowledge; can you name the superhero or villain by just their costume? Good luck, and be sure to let us know how you did in the comments.

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