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Can You Name That Marvel Comics Symbiote?

Goblins are one thing, and octopuses are another, but there’s nothing that creeps out a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as badly as those symbiotes do. These slimy living costumes absorb the mind, memories, and emotions of their hosts, feeding off their adrenaline in a way that would make any superhero feel claustrophobic. And it gets even worse if you reject them. Just ask Spider-Man: the last symbiote he separated from turned into the angriest, most jealous ex-partner of all time, then joined up with an equally angry newspaper reporter… and, well, has been joining up with other people ever since.

But the symbiotes, who are actually known as the Klyntar when they’re at home in the Andromeda Galaxy, have a bigger presence in the Marvel Universe than many may realize. Sure, everyone knows about Venom, and everyone’s heard of that psychopathic one known as Carnage, but there’s been quite a few symbiotic spawn extracted from Spidey’s former black costume, and other Klyntar have menaced Marvel’s heroes from time to time.

With all this talk of Sony planning a Venom movie, it seems like everyone thinks that they’re a symbiote expert these days. If you believe that you know Marvel’s most creepy aliens by heart, it’s time to put that knowledge to the test. Can You Name These Marvel Comics Symbiotes?

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