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Can You Name 25 Marvel Superhero Teams?

The Marvel Universe’s first superhero team was introduced in 1962. Two more followed in the next year, and before the decade was over, there were a handful of them. In many cases, writers threw some of the biggest names in comics together in one comic in order to profit from their popularity. But in other instances, writers took chances and created completely new teams. Sometimes they failed and were forgotten, but sometimes, they were able to reach levels of fame they would never reached on their own.

What makes these teams so fun to read about is the interactions between the characters. We read Captain America and Iron Man because we enjoy reading their solo adventures, but we read titles like The Avengers to see how they get along. Depending on the characters, these interactions can be tense, humorous, romantic, and even violent. When you take a bunch of diverse characters with different viewpoints, powers, and backgrounds and put them together on one team, it’s fun to see how it all plays out. The Marvel Universe has thrived off that kind of deep storytelling, and you can see why when you look at how many teams exist in Marvel Comics.

How many Marvel superhero teams can you name?

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