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Can You Name All The Teen Titans?

If you’re here, we’re guessing you think you know the Teen Titans pretty well. Or maybe you watched the animated series as a kid and want to refresh your memory before watching the upcoming Judas Contract movie. The lauded Cartoon Network show, as well as it companion comic, featured several key members and storylines. Even more characters have shown up on the network’s Young Justice series (which is returning to TV soon!) However, these shows really only scratch the surface. The Titans have a complicated mythos; there have been many different versions, lineups, and generations of the Titans since the team’s creation. Sometimes they get too old and start going by The Titans for a while, and then disband while another young team forms (such as Titans West) or the next generation of heroes step up (like the Young Justice generation), or some of the characters will disappear from canon when DC feels like relaunching and then eventually come back as teenagers again. But at the end of the day, no matter what they go through, the Titans are a family.

Test how much you really know and Name All 50 Of These Teen Titans!

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