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Can You Match These Sidekicks To Their Heroes?

Though they themselves may tell you otherwise, a superhero is nothing without their trusty sidekick. As a staple of the comic book industry since the Golden Age, sidekicks are used to help the writers relate to younger audiences; kids love Batman and Captain America and all, but there’s only so much a 30-something millionaire playboy and a ten to twenty-year old comic book reader have in common. In some cases, a sidekick can even eclipse their own hero! Wally West, for example, is considered by many to be the superior version of the Flash after taking up the mantle for twenty-plus years.

Sidekicks are more popular in the world of DC than they are in the Marvel Universe, but the concept has spread to just about every single publisher, video game company, and film series within the superhero genre. This means that there is no shortage of characters out there playing second fiddle to their better-known partners. The sheer number is enough to make your head spin! We’re here to pose the question: Can You Match These Sidekicks To Their Heroes?

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