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Can You Match These Oscar Winners To The Year They Were Released?

The Oscars are an annual tradition, and have been for over 80 years. Naturally, that means that there are a vast number of Oscar-winning films, each of which represent a different year. Over the years, the winners have been incredibly diverse. Some are intimate and small, while others are as huge as movies get. It must be said that the Oscars don’t always get it right. On the contrary, they’re quite often wrong. Still, it’s good that they exist, because at least it gives us something to measure our own tastes against.

Of course, for every category that they completely blow, there’s at least one that they nail right on the head. This quiz features both kinds of films, and test your ability to figure out which films won in which years. It may seem like a no-brainer, but this quiz is for true film historians. The Oscars have handed out tons of trophies over the history of their existence. Not all of them made this list, but the entries do span an almost 80 year period. Movies have been around a long time, and now it’s time to find out whether you know when these Oscar award winning titles were released!

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