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Can You Match The Dog To The Movie?

Movies, like life, are always better with dogs in them. In films, dogs have the ability to speak or sing – communicating with us in ways we can only dream about. Or if they don’t talk, they are there for support and guidance and a furry paw to hold. They teach life lessons or how to love or give the other characters something to fight for. They go on adventures. They get lost and find their way home. Even the toughest or most heartless of us can’t help but tear up if something bad happens to a dog on screen. (Just ask John Wick what happens when you mess with his dog.)

Dogs are just better than us. And there is nothing quite like the relationship between a dog and its owner. Capturing that special bond creates stories and characters we come to care about and love as if they were our own pets. They’re all good dogs (except for those few evil ones).

This quiz will test your knowledge of some of our favorite four-legged friends. Can you figure out which film each dog is from? Do you know your Lady from your Tramp? Find out!

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