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Can You Identify These Superheroes By Their Logos?

When it comes to iconic superheroes, more goes into a character than just memorable stories or an impressive rogues gallery. Without the right costume design or the proper logo, many heroes can come off as being bland. That’s why so many of the comic book characters we know today can easily be identified by nothing more than their signature symbols.

Where would we be without the trademarked ‘S’ shield of Superman? Or how about the beaming light of the Batman logo looming large over Gotham City when the Dark Knight’s assistance is needed? These signs are not just a nice way to support your favorite characters with a little bit of merchandising. In many ways, they’ve outgrown their characters, becoming an indicator of their integrity.

There’s no question that the long illustrious careers of DC and Marvel, along with other notable publishers, have provided countless caped personas, demented vigilantes and nightmarish monsters over the years, but the superhero landscape has developed far beyond the comic world. That’s why this quiz will up the ante, gathering many well-known heroes — and others that are not so well-known — in order to ask the ultimate question: “Can you identify these superheroes by their logos?” So go ahead, test your knowledge, and make sure to tell everyone just how much you really know!

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