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Can You Identify These Comic Book Villains By Their Costume?

Comic book villains are a colorful and eclectic bunch. It’s almost like writers and artists are telling us that being bad is more fun, because while Batman’s moping around in his black and grey gear, his villains have evil closets full of rainbows.

That’s not to say everyone’s sporting amazing, Technicolor unitards; characters like DC’s Darkseid and Shade almost seem like they’re allergic to color, and that might be related to the fact that their names are both antonyms for “light,” but we like to think that it’s also partly because they tried a lot of costumes on and went for the ones that best complimented their body types without sacrificing intimidation.

We’ve already tasked you with guessing a variety of other characters based on their threads. We included some villains in the first go, but this time, it’s all baddies. We’ll show you a picture of a costumed crook with their faces and some distinguishing marks removed, and your job is to pick out their name from the four provided choices.

Can you name these crime-mongers by their duds alone? Good luck, and be sure to let us know how you did in the comments.

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