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Can You Identify These 25 Iconic Alien Species?

Space: the final frontier. More like the most terrifying frontier! The science fiction genre has been filling our minds with extravagant extraterrestrials for centuries. When we finally do meet beings from outer space, they’ll probably be nothing like we ever imagined – though that hasn’t stopped us from dreaming up some of the most terrifying and unbelievable creatures to populate our favorite books and movies. With so many remarkable races to keep track of, it would take a true sci-fi connoisseur to nail this quiz. Is that you? Have you journeyed through the cosmos, making note of the weird and wonderful beings introduced in movies, television, and video games? If you think your knowledge of pop-culture extraterrestrials is out of this world, start the quiz!

Fair warning: while you’ll see some of the most well-known and beloved alien races in this quiz, you’ll also come across some lesser-known entries. We’ve compiled 25 species from sci-fi movies, television shows, and video games, so you’ll need to bring your A-game to pass the test. Want to see a gigantic, scorpion-like alien rip space travelers to shreds? We’ve got an entry for that. How about a race of sentient, emotionless robots, encased in nearly-impenetrable battle armor? Yep, there’s an entry for that one, too. Get started, you apes! You wanna live forever?

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