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Can You Guess Who (Or What) Killed These Comic Characters?

If there’s one thing you can expect from comic books, it’s that several of your favorite characters will die. Most of the time, they end up coming back; there’s actually an old adage that claims, “Nobody stays dead in comic books other than Bucky, Jason Todd, and Uncle Ben.”  The point is that death is treated as a minor inconvenience to most writers.

If you’ve ever picked up a comic, chances are that all the characters you are reading about have died at some point or another. Maybe writers were just tired of dealing with them, or the publishers wanted to add shock value to their stories. Sometimes writers will go on a killing spree, using alternate universes as an excuse to bring our favorite heroes and villains to a grisly demise. No matter the reason, there have been too many deaths to count in the eighty year history of comics. However, there are some die hard fans out there who can pinpoint exactly where, when, and in what way certain characters perished. Can you tell us Can You Guess Who (Or What) Killed These Comic Characters?

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