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Can You Finish This Disney Lyric?

From Snow White to Moana, as long as Disney films have existed, there have been Disney songs. Through songs, the princes and princesses are able to express their innermost desires and feelings about each other, while evildoers are able to plot their nefarious plans. There are songs about dreams and songs about becoming human and songs about love. Lots of them. And it doesn’t look like Disney will be stopping anytime soon, releasing not only live-action versions of their previous classic musical like the upcoming Beauty and the Beast, but also new original animated films like Disney and Pixar’s Coco, which is “set against the backdrop of musical performance.”

The musical is alive and well at Disney. Characters randomly break out into song without questioning it and everyone knows the same dance steps (unless it’s Enchanted). And chances are while watching some of these films for the 1st or 100th time, you’ve done the same. But how well do you really know the words to popular Disney tunes? Can you fill in the missing lyrics of these 25 songs from both Disney & Pixar animated classics and live-action films alike? Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain and paint with all the colors of the wind?

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