Quicksilver Cast in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ – What Does This Mean For ‘The Avengers 2′?

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X Men Quicksilver Marvel Comics Quicksilver Cast in X Men: Days of Future Past   What Does This Mean For The Avengers 2?

Bryan Singer is pulling out all the stops for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Seemingly every time a rival studio earns headlines with news bits or announcements, whether it be Sony with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Warner Bros. with Man of Steel or Marvel Studios and their pile of Phase Two films, the director who first brought X-Men to life on the big screen takes to Twitter with a newsworthy slice of info himself.

While Iron Man 3 is currently rocking theaters worldwide, Thor: The Dark World next on the docket, Captain America: The Winter Soldier shooting in public areas and Guardians of the Galaxy gearing up for a London production start next month, the two-years-out sequel to The Avengers has managed to steal some spotlight with writer/director Joss Whedon hyping up the introduction of two new characters, one of which Bryan Singer just cast in X-Men: Days of Future Past. What?

Let’s start at the beginning. Just a few weeks ago during the LA world premiere of Iron Man 3, Joss Whedon intentionally revealed to reporter after reporter on the red carpet that his first script draft for The Avengers 2 (still untitled) was complete. He expressed excitement about introducing and playing with a new “brother-sister” act, which fans knew right away was a reference to Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, aka Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Reports here and there claimed to have confirmed the two characters, but it was clinched when Joss Whedon confirmed it himself, talking about how the pair may mess with the team dynamic and not necessarily agreeing with how The Avengers function.

Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Ultimates Avengers Quicksilver Cast in X Men: Days of Future Past   What Does This Mean For The Avengers 2?

Obviously with Twentieth Century Fox owning the film rights to all things mutant and X-Men from the Marvel Comics universe, there were some questions that needed to be answered. We knew from interviews with Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige that these two characters were contractually an exception to the rule since in the books, they are both X-Men characters and members of The Avengers. He said it’s “complicated” but essentially, both studios could use the brother and sister. We also understand that if Marvel Studios were to use them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe there were some stipulations – namely that they couldn’t be mutants, nor could they be children of X-Men villain Magneto.

Does that mean both studios could use them simultaneously or is it a case of first come, first served? We don’t know but we’re going to find out pretty damn soon because just weeks after Joss Whedon announced his intentions of introducing them in The Avengers 2, Bryan Singer is beating him to the punch:

X-Men: Days of Future Past releases next July and The Avengers 2 releases May 2015. It should also be noted the Days of Future Past began production a few weeks ago, so the casting of Evan Peters – an incredible actor for anyone who’s watched American Horror Story – is oddly timed to say the least, if not intentional. With the sheer amount of characters at play in the X-Men super team-up, Peters likely will not have a significant role to play, but at this point, with Singer turning the time-travel tale into an all-star cast party featuring towering Sentinel robots and Peter Dinklage’s mustache, more the merrier, right? And how can you say no to this guy:

Evan Peters American Horror Story Still Quicksilver Cast in X Men: Days of Future Past   What Does This Mean For The Avengers 2?

What does this mean for The Avengers 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past? There are three possibilities:

  1. Singer and Fox are planting their foot in the ground and beating Marvel Studios to the punch, finally introducing Magneto’s children after six X-Men films (we’re not counting the “cameo” in X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and both studios are offering their own adaptation of the super-fast Quicksilver character and his sister. Fox has Peters, who will Whedon cast to compete?
  2. Marvel and Joss Whedon’s “brother-sister act” may not be what it seems and rumors of them changing their origins significantly may prove true – non-mutants of British heritage, unrelated to Magneto, perhaps even with different names. If this is the case, what’s the point of using them and not any of the dozens of other legally available Avengers members from the vast Marvel Library?
  3. The ultimate fanboy outcome: However unlikely, after all the talk from Fox’s Marvel movie consultant Mark Millar and producer Lauren Shuler Donner of desiring a crossover with The Avengers universe, Fox and Disney/Marvel have somehow struck up a deal to make it so. Beginning with X-Men: Days of Future Past, the Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver introduced in Singer’s film are the same pair going to show up in The Avengers 2, meaning Evan Peters may have just been cast in The Avengers 2 as well. They can get away with not entirely acknowledging the events of the upcoming X-Men film (and previous franchise installments) with the alternate timeline/universe plot device. Heck, Scarlet Witch can use her reality and probability altering abilities to literally erase the existence of all (most) mutants, explaining why they’ve not appeared or been mentioned in the Marvel Studios movies (see: House of M). Not to get too far into geekdom, but such a deal with Fox would potentially allow Marvel Studios to utilize characters from the Fantastic Four library as well and we know they’re interested in owning Silver Surfer and Galactus again…

The third option is super complicated, but it was widely reported that Marvel Studios was at least willing to work with other studios when it came to The Avengers since they were willing to include the Oscorp tower from The Amazing Spider-Man into the same skyline as the Stark Tower. Scheduling of visual effects sadly prevented it from happening. For fans, this is the best case scenario, but also the least likely.

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Confirmed for Avengers 2 Quicksilver Cast in X Men: Days of Future Past   What Does This Mean For The Avengers 2?

The more likely scenario is that each studio is, unfortunately, aiming to draw from the same two characters, and for Fox, since they have not one, but two Magnetos played by two of the best actors on the planet, win out. That would mean Marvel Studios – much like they were criticized for taking liberties from Marvel Comics in Iron Man 3′s story – are going to go even more extreme in distancing themselves from the source material with their versions of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in The Avengers 2. That is, assuming Whedon and Feige are not playing everyone about the new characters in sequel.

Right now, one thing is official. Evan Peters is playing Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future PastThe Avengers 2 shoots next year and rumor has it, they already have mock ups of their ideal designs for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, the latter of which is based on Oscar-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan. She was asked about her thoughts on the rumors by The Mary Sue to which she replied:

“I have heard about it and yes, I would. Yeah, of course I would. I love Joss and I love those films, and I love his handle on them and how he portrayed these kinds of superheroes. I think it’s very different from what anyone else has done. So yeah, I’d love to be in it.”

With Quicksilver now cast, a Scarlet Witch X-Men announcement may be coming up soon for the film that serves as a sequel to both X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: First Class. Bryan Singer knew this tweet would result in buzz, confusion and questions and perhaps that’s all a part of the plan. Soon we’ll hear from executives and talent from both sides of the camp and we may have our answers. Or maybe we won’t and there are surprises to be had further into the future.

Saoirse Ronan The Host Eyes Quicksilver Cast in X Men: Days of Future Past   What Does This Mean For The Avengers 2?

Ready to have your mind blown? What if Saoirse Ronan was cast as Wanda Maximoff in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

Ready to have your mind blown again? It’s possible that Quicksilver appears in two different variations in theaters before The Flash is even introduced on the big screen. Some things just aren’t fair in life.

[Update: Mark Millar hinted at “crossing over certain characters” previously.]

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Daniel Cudmore.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on July 18, 2014.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes if you’d like to see X-Men and The Avengers crossover!

Sources: Bryan Singer, The Mary Sue (via CBM)

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  1. They are making TOO Many SuperHero movies and There TOO MANY Super People in Each

    • incorrect

      this has been a long time coming.

  2. I’m not sure what to make of this but one thing I can promise: If this kid is Quicksilver in DoFP he will NOT be making an appearance in Avengers 2 without Fox being owed money, so you can just forget about that right now.

    Make no mistake about it – these studios are directly competing for your money. Cooperation is not the name of the game here, getting a step ahead of the next guy is the game, and honestly that’s exactly what this looks like.

    • Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have already been used in X-Men films before (Origins), so it doesn’t appear that there is a “first come, first serve” approach in the contracts. I bet that the twins are onscreen for maybe ten minutes in Singer’s film, and are the main villains of the Avengers 2. Highly doubt the general audience will make the connection, honestly.

      • I don’t think they will be the villains, or at least not by the end of the movie.

        • It could go either way; I expect it will be both.

          • I expect Disney to use Fox like a dirty (garden) hoe and get them to produce an origins story for them about QS and SW.

  3. Bryan Singer gets so much hate it’s ridiculous: Art Pupil, Valkyrie, Public Access, Usual Suspects, X1 & X2 are all great movies to me and yes he has bad movies under his belt but every director has a few bad movies. I bet if The Avengers 2 were to be mediocre, you guys would still defend Joss like there’s no tomorrow. Marvel can do wrong in a fanboys eyes, it’s pathetic.

    • I don’t think anybody who thought Valkyrie was a “great movie” is morally allowed to call other people fanboys. ;)

      • Listen kid, I have my opinion you and you have yours.

        • I’m sorry, weren’t you just whining like a baby about other people’s opinions? You can dish it out, but you can’t take it? Boo-hoo. :’(

          So you think an alright, middling-to-decent movie is “great” but accuse others of being blind fanboys. Physician, heal thyself. e_e

          • I’m sorry if I’m not about to take “advice” from a troll with a shoddy vocabulary and short temper. those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones for a reason. You want to prostrate before Singer and his mediocre filmography (Usual Suspects and X2 are good; the rest is bland), but accuse others of being fanboys. Woe to you, hypocrite! ;)

            • I agree with Permandur, War Clown can dish it out but can’t take it, this is an open discussion. War Clown joined it. Then lashed out like a raving lunatic, cursing and using exclamation marks. Then made some crack about Americans. I think Habeeb(WarClown) is angwy because his wittle Bwyan Shinger ish under shqutany. Really, I was actually dissapointed to her Vaughn left as returning Directer and Singer steps in. He ruined Superman Returns, and Valkerie wasn’t that great, his best films are Usual Suspects and X1 and X2. I thought First Class was the best XMEN film in the series though. Singer is probably gonna screw up Quicksilver, and do to this what he did to Superman Returns. Fingers are crossed though, I still have some hope.

          • Sounds to me like your balls havent dropped yet habeeb

          • @War Clown

            You made a general comment and he replied in a very playful banter. You took it very personal and retaliated offensively. Then you jumped to insult others- Americans- in your petty conflict.

            Please mature. These comment boards will be better without pettiness.

            Archer –>

            • @ War Clown
              You sound Like a Kid. People here expresses their opinion in a respectful way. It’s not hard. You should try it. :)

            • It wasn’t playful banter. It was a blatant personal attack. Avengers fans are notorious for their trolling. After the release of the film they went from website to website harassing and insulting anyone who gave the film a negative review.

              • U mean like fans of TDKR who posted death threats to critics who gave bad reviews and blindly call it the best superhero film of all time maybe u should know all the facts before u accuse people of blind fanboyism

                • The death threats were to a girl critic regarding the avengers..

                • Yeah, TDKR fans engaged in equally childish behavior. That still doesn’t absolve the Avengers fans who systematically harassed any critics who “disagreed” with their “opinions” about a film that THEY HADN’T EVEN SEEN YET.

              • Nah, man, it’s not an attack to point out that saying that all of Bryan Singer’s films are “great” is a fanboy move. He can enjoy them if he wants, that’s cool, but to then accuse others of being fanboys after that is just silly.

      • I don’t think he is a bad director but his indie films are terrific but he has a hard time making fantasy films.X1& X2 were good for their time. Since 2006 Super Hero movies have excelled to the point that what he had did with X1&X2 pale to comparison. Micheal Jackson was an amazing dancer for his time but Usher and Chris brown took it to new heights I corporating new and old moves. Marvel and even DC’s new Batman fleshed out their characters. Not just 1 but all of them.

    • *cough* Ironman 3 *cough*

      Which I loved, but when it comes to The Mandarin, some people have no sence of humour.

    • Well yeah but X3 was a sh*tstorm that screwed up everything. Avengers had flaws but it was still fun to watch and yeah X1 and 2 despite their flaws were also really fun to watch, had a great cast, good use of most of the characters and didn’t in my opinion pander to the audience, it was to me one of the first comic book movies that was trying to entertain the mass audience rather then just hardcore comic book fans and as a big marvel fan I thought it worked.

      I got what I wanted but other people could still enjoy it. I just want somebody to perfect cloning so Hugh Jackman can be “Angry Knife Hands Canadian” in EVERY film and TV Show.

    • War Clown…

      I, too, enjoyed “Valkyrie”. It had intensity and brought to light a piece of history (yes, with dramatic flourish) that too many people, unfortunately, do not know (or know enough) about. I thought Cruise did a fine job as the lead, as well.

      • Agree about Valkyrie, very underrated film. Cruise was good in that.

  4. If Marvel cant use Quicksilver if Fox uses him first, than its already too late. Fox has used him.

    If Marvel wont use him if Fox uses him first, than its already too late.

    Marvel still was going to use him. I don’t think it matters what Fox does.

    Besides, Feige has already said that the characters are open to both studios, that both could use them if they wanted. Just no X_men references for Marvel and no Avengers references for Fox.

    Do people really think Fox and Singer just crammed in Quicksilver as a knee jerk response? I think its more likely, “holy crap! Look how successful The Avengers was! Lets put whatever Avengers characters are available to us in our next movie!” This has been planned for a while. Probably a few days after The Avengers started breaking box office records.

    • People dont use their brains anymore dude.

    • I think it was a “knee-jerk response”, or we would have heard about it long before now. Apparently both studios can use the name and perhaps their own interpretations of the character. Marvel may end up theoretically ignoring Fox’s version in the Avengers movie, and just going with their own interpretation; depends on whether they want to try to disagree but get along or do The Hatfields and the McCoys like DC and Marvel (or at least their fans) do. I do not think they will use the same actors, because apparently in X-Men the characters will be kids, and in Avengers they will be adults (the interpretation I prefer).

      • So singer was first getting it because he was releasing to much info straight away on twitter, now it’s cause he didn’t release enough? If singer was planning on using Quicksilver all along why should he have released all casting and plot details on day 1?

    • +1

  5. Is everybody missing the obvious shot at The avengers franchise in that tweet?? Dude went out of his way to say “Before he was an Avenger” like haha we got him first. Pretty lame but im still interested in both franchises

    • How is that a shot? It’s true.

      • Before he was momma’s big boy, he was daddy’s little squirt.

        • Darned, but I’m clever….

          • I picked up on it too. This was a shot at avengers to create this type of talk about his film. Thing is if Marvel utilizes the character better even after this then Fox will worry and want to take it to count

          • I picked up on it too. This was a shot at avengers to create this type of talk about his film. Thing is if Marvel utilizes the character better even after this then you will read about it being taken to count

          • I picked up on it too. This was a shot at to create this type of talk about his film. Thing is if Marvel utilizes the character better even after this then you will read about it being taken to count

      • It may be true, but yes, it was a shot directed towards Whedon and co. Why would he even utter the word Avenger? He had to of known that Whedon wanted/planned to use him in A2, so he took that and ran with it.

        Makes perfect, musically perfect. Sense.

        • unless, of course, Disney took Fox up on their offer to corroborate universes.

    • That comment makes me think I might be right to suggest Fox and Marvel are working together. It almost sounds like Bryan is suggesting Days of Future Past will establish Quicksilver as a character so that The Avengers 2 can use him. Maybe the deal is that Fox get to use Marvel characters.

      So maybe SHIELD show up in Days of Future Past.

      • I think the same. that avenger mention sounds like a tease.

        Its like actually saying this character is a mutant, but will be an avenger, as you all know. mmmm

        hopefully Marvel and Fox reveal all the info soon

    • Could be a shot… or a hint at something else…

  6. I am overjoyed Pietro and Wanda will be in the Avengers. I am not quite so thrilled (apprehensive, perhaps, is the more accurate word) they will be in the X-men movie. If it can be done tastefully and respectfully of each other (Fox/Singer; Marvel/Whedon), well and good. However, I am not sure whether it will train-wreck a bit or not if we get two different interpretations. This kind of looks like an attempt by Singer to tweek Whedon (Fox tweeking Marvel as well). If push comes to shove, if I had to choose a side to support, I likely would chose Whedon (OK, now, if I side with you, don’t rehash the characters themselves or their costumes and personalities too much). This looks like it might be “I’ll poke your eye two times before you can poke mine more than once”, kind of like outdoing the Jones, my dog’s bigger than your dog, type of thing. Not totally comfortable with it. The only possible downside is, if in the bigger scheme of things Marvel could use Fantastic Four stuff, could we see The Fightful Four against The Fantastic Four, something I would love to see (Wizard, Trapster, Medusa, Sandman). I just wonder if there would be problems with Sandman’s rights, he having been in a Spiderman flick. And maybe Medusa, although she has been in both The Frightful Four and The Inhumans.
    The character pictured above for Quicksilver sounds like a young kid (not good). However, maybe this is carrying on the theme of X-men: First Class, where the characters are still basically young mutants (??). Just so long as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are adults in Avengers #2….!
    By the way, I want Goliath (Hank Pym) and Wasp ASAP as wellin Avengers as well!

  7. This is seriously going to be fun to see.

  8. The girl pictured above to possibly play Scarlet Witch does not really look like Scarlet Witch. However, she does look like someone I would love to take out for dinner and dancing! So I’ll forgive her and give her a chance.

  9. This movie is going to be a train wreck.

  10. I really hope that they go with the 3rd option listed up above.

    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaamen!

  11. Look everyone is hating but personally good for singer. I’m a 90s kid I grew up watching the xmen every Saturday on Fox so more power to him. Those characters in whatever capacity they would have been in A2 would have sucked. In fact I would have loved to see how they would have explained their powers (ie them not being mutants). But we should all be happy for the sheer fact that the movies are being made in the first place.

    Xiaver Lives!!!!!!!!

    • have you read AvX?

    • Have you any backing to the claim of Marvel not being able to use the term mutant?

      Im looking for where I can place my hands on this. It seems someone made a reference a bit ago and it seems to have grown but no one can find any official statement.

      • @aknot, I believe I’ve read in past screenrant post where they explained which studio has the right to which property that Fox when acquiring the Xmen also laid claim to the actual term of Mutant and any subsequent character tied to that term or through the xmen franchise. That being said if fox wants to lay “claim” to a certain character they have to use him in a film. Up to that point its still available to marvel in theory. Which makes wonder sometimes if thats why they have just more of let thrown in certain characters just to say “we used him” he’s ours. Characters that are associated with multiple properties like Feigne suggest for quicksilver/scarlet witch are more complicated. Marvel can use them but cant call them Mutant officially. This is why I’m thinking Marvel is loving Black Bolt and co. Or rather the terregen mists specifically as it basically gives you “mutants” for all intent and purposes. So Quicksikver (and there is a precedent in the comics as he’s used the mists when he was depowered) nd Scarlet Witch could be a product of that transformation and thus and intro into that larger world within the MCU of “altered humans” or super humans. What do u think?

      • Kevin Feige mentioned it in an interview last year.
        He said Marvel is allowed to use the characters, but they’re not allowed to mention their father or their mutant background. I’m paraphrasing, but I saw the video interview and I can promise you that’s essentially what he said.
        Do with that information what you will ;)

        • Yup. He did that in more than one interview too.

          • Got it. Looking for it now I thought it was just they couldn’t mention specific character relationships (father, mother, teams, etc.).

            Thanks BBL>

            • Ok found it:

              SHH: What about the future of “The Avengers?” I don’t know if you want to bring in new characters or just keep the core team. Characters like the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, are they part of Fox’s deal or are they characters you could use?

              Feige: We both have them. There’s a specific arrangement with those two characters that would allow us to use them with “Avengers,” but not discuss or reference their mutant or Magneto-related lineage. They can use them as mutants and as Magneto’s relatives, but cannot have anything to do with “The Avengers.”

              Thanks for the push. I would love to see the legal writing on this…. :D

  12. bryan singer is a terrible director

    • That’s an overstatement. He can make good movies. But goodness knows he can make bad films as well.

  13. Long live the mutants!

  14. Ha! I’ll throw a wrench in by saying that though Sony and Fox my have certain cinematic rights those rights don’t extend to TV! So theoretically Spider-Man or any of the characters Marvel don’t have movie rights to could still show up in ‘SHIELD.’ Don’t believe it would happen but who knows, if Zinger and Whedon are suddenly at odds over character inclusions…

    • I’m not so sure about that. Back in 2001, Marvel Entertainment got involved in a nasty lawsuit with 20th Century Fox after Marvel Entertainment made a television show called Mutant X, which Fox claimed violated their film rights for the X-Men. It was eventually settled confidentially but i think that says Television networks can’t just cast characters willy-nilly if other film studios already have the rights to them.

      • Monetarily (if there even were any) it may have been settle confidentially but I believe the terms were posted hence the reason Mutant X made some changes.

        • You believe the terms were posted…?  I thought you read the legal documents of the case?  Nevermind that, I knew that was a bluff anyway.  20th Century Fox owns the X-Men and the mutant universe.  Now conventional wisdom should tell you that includes the term mutant, at least how it exists as a source of super powers in the comic books.  What I said before was, if Marvel would try to use the term “mutant” in one of their MCU films, Fox’s logical next step would be to go to lengths through the legal system to prevent them from doing so.  That logical possibility alone is enough of a deterrence for Marvel and Joss Whedon to come up with their own explanation for the siblings’ powers.  Especially when Marvel hasn’t shied away from altering the origins of their characters in past MCU films before.

      • The image rights are what Fox would have to argue and all Marvel would have to do is change that and who would play the characters.

        Do you think that Fox could win a protracted court battle with Marvel, especially if all they did was something like a 3 episode character dump adjusted to get around a lawsuit? Both companies are already tip toeing around the agreements if what we’ve seen in the news is true. All Fox would have to do is push this agenda a little and it could be game-on.

        A persistent presence of any of the super heroes on TV would be expensive though. Basically I do agree with you, pissing Fox off doesn’t help things but its not impossible just improbable. It’s far more likely, given what has happened with Iron Man this summer that cooperation is going to happen rather than direct competition…

        • I did sone investigating, and you are right, the character’s television rights are an entirely different entity than the character’s film rights. As a matter of fact, from what I discovered, Disney owns the television rights to ALL of Marvel’s characters. I agree with what you said about the persistent presence of super heroes. I also think Agents of SHIELD won’t convolute the MCU as it exists now by introducing big-name super heroes into their story-lines (i.e. a guest appearance by Spider-man) when they could never appear in any of their films.

  15. please, Wanda and Pietro on both movies!!! and the first agreement of both studios!! it would be awesome. And kind of historic.

    And Im liking the idea of Evan and Saoirse as the Maximoff. Would be a nice couple of actors/characters

  16. The Flash would smoke Quicksilver.

    • Not anymore. Haven’t you read Son of M?

  17. this sucks!!!! now i like Evan Peters, but seriously the fact that Singer has the audacity to call out the Avengers like that… whatever. Singer made the sh*ttiest superman film ever. Ugh, and Fox just admit you screwed up the X-Men and give them back to Marvel.

    • He’s referencing The Avengers, which is a GOOD thing. Quicksilver was an Avenger, so no biggie. It could also be a hint at something.

  18. I think Fox is dicking around with Disney because of the sheer hatred with Disney. I honestly think it goes back to Star Wars. You are probably wondering how that could be. Simple. George Lucas, whose Star Wars films may have not been funded by 20th Century Fox but they did have, and still do, own the distribution rights. (At least until 2020.) Lucas sells Star Wars to Disney. How do you think Fox feels? Probably pissed and betrayed that he didn’t sell his company to the studio that helped put Star Wars out there. So, as a dick move, they announce Quicksilver is in DOFP, just weeks after Whedon announced they’ll be in Avengers 2. Steal some thunder and buzz away from Marvel a studios to promote their film. I take orcas a huge middle finger given to Disney from Fox.

  19. I love these two characters but from what I have read bout marvel being able to use them I’m hesitant. If Whedon is going to use them how is he not going to have them be mutants and not mention x-men and magneto. Apparently this would be the only way marvel could use these characters if they don’t mention any of those three. But if Fox and Marvel are working together, I’m looking foward to that, I don’t want to see some overly crowded cross over movie that verges on utter ridiculousness.
    Personally, I don’t want them in Avengers 2, I would much rather have Black Panther, who unlike some other additions to the cast that have been talk about, makes the most sense and WITHOUT A DOUBT NEEDS TO BE IN THE SEQUEL.

  20. Or it could be a LOT more simple than you’re all making it.
    Quicksilver will most likely appear in the 1970′s portion of DOFP, as Singer has said that’s the focus of the film (and Ian McKellan is a bit old to have a son in his early 20′s). When he shows up in Avengers 2, it will be about 35 years later. Entirely different actor. No explanation of his powers necessary. Not that confusing after all.

    • So it’s just cool that he’s 55? I mean that could work out, maybe, but I’m not sure an old lady Scarlet Witch would give the MCU the appeal its lookin for.

      • She’s a witch. She could use her powers to make herself look young.

    • If Quicksilver ends up being in both movies, I am sure there will be no insinuation that they could possibly be the same character. In fact, I think Whedon would go to great lengths to differentiate his version from Singer’s. I would also expect Whedon’s Quicksilver to be around the same age as Saoirse Ronan, if that is who he is considering for Scarlet Witch.

  21. As an update to this news, it’s been said that Fox’s reason of doing this was to dig at Marvel.

    • By totally unverified sources. I don’t think doing it as a ‘dig’ is a topic of Fox meetings or Bryan Singer’s story plans.

      I’m leaning on the side of optimism and hope for something bigger, greater.

      • I can totally see them doing this a dig to them. Fox wouldn’t like for them to use them first, and then have people wondering why are these Avengers characters in an X-Men movie. People who follow this kind of news may understand, but average moviegoers will be confused. And even if it’s not, why does he need to be in this film, when it’s already packed as is?

  22. I think it is easy to have X-Men and The Avengers exist in the same continuity without reality-warping or timeline-altering. It’s as simple as “Yeah, the mutants like the X-Men were around, but never mentioned. Cap and the rest were better qualified for the team anyway.”

  23. Zac Efron for Quicksilver and Solange Knowles for Scarlet Witch xx

  24. When it comes down to it I’d rather let singer have Quicksilver so he wouldn’t have to be explained in some alternate manner. Hell. Bring in T’Challa, vision, or Ms. Marvel

  25. I’m so excited for this, I was so mad when they said they were going to change pietro and Wanda’s origin and turn them into non mutants. That’s a huge slap of the face to xmen fans! They play more important role in xmen then they do avengers! I support fox and bryan for this move hopefully this will let them do a crossover. Bottom line quicksilver and scarlet witch are mutants! They are magnetos children! Fox owns them! Joss can use other characters he doesn’t need quicksilver or scarlet witch

    • Incorrect. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have a track record with the Avengers ten times as long as they did with the Brotherhood of Mutants. They weren’t even X-men. EVER!

      Sure their dad is Magneto, but…

      Scarlet witch fell in love with Wonder Man (an Avenger)
      Scarlet Witch married the Vision (an avenger)
      Quicksilver had a child with Crystal (an Inhuman)
      Scarlet Witch has two sons (Wiccan and Speed) who are Young AVENGERS.
      Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch took the AVENGERS side in AvX (Avengers vs X-men), against their father, against their sister (Polaris), and against the possible extinction of their ENTIRE race.

      Pietro and Wanda are AVENGERS.
      (the Brotherhood of mutants is merely their origin story)

    • You do know that both were some of the first recruited Avengers, right? (even before Black Panther and Black Widow)

  26. AS other people have mentioned they have used visual interpretations of Quicksilver in two of the Fox films already, but that is part of the problem with the series. They have put people into movies who may be certain characters as background special effects noise without any context. I really don’t see how this addition of Quicksilver won’t be just a two minute, hi, bye, I’m dead deal. And at this point in the scripting and principal photography this does seem a bit tacked on unless this was in the works from the start. The bigger question is how will this all tie into Magneto, if at all? They already have him hooked up with Mystique from as far back as 63, so unless he had Pietro (and possibly Wanda) before he met Xavier then maybe it will fly. Otherwise are they going to pull what they did with Havoc and just forget the connection all together.

    One of the things Singer said from the beginning that has made me wonder about his whole take on the X-Men narrative is that it never made any sense to him why there were not more students at school. Well the short and easy answer for me has always been because it is not a school, it’s a front. The second thing is at what point would having all those individuals with powers in one place turn into chaos? That is the question this franchise can never seem to answer when writing these scripts.

  27. Regardless of who owns who…Marvel superhero teams still come out on top while DC justice league cant even get off the ground….

  28. I can guaranty this going to be a motley ensemble with cameos for no particular reason than to draw attention to himself and the film. Singer never read a freakin comic ,possibly for the exception of Archie, and almost bragged that, though he had had no experience with the genre, could do a terrific job. That faulty, arrogant reasoning showed in his films. I would love to be wrong but can assure you I’m not. Time will prove me right. If I have to watch the Juggernaut actually running to catch someone, Colossus only able to maintain his steel form for a couple of moments, or Jean being old enough to be on an episode of “To Catch A Predator” for pedophilic relationship with Scott, I’ll puke.

    • I gotta say it’s looking everday a little more like a circus act : there are more characters than in a russian novel. didn’t they learn from x3 and wolverine ? You need character development to make the audience feel empathy for the characters and be engrossed in the action. It was a small tour de force for whedon to develop 6 characters simultaneously singer think he can do 30 at the same time.

    • Touche, my friend. Brian Singer is the worst. I love the X-Men universe but this movie doesn’t have a chance.