First Look At Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch & Hulkbuster Designs in ‘The Avengers 2′

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Scarlet Witch Quicksilver Avengers Costumes Revealed First Look At Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch & Hulkbuster Designs in The Avengers 2

For fans of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. frustrated with its broken and confusing schedule of air dates, Marvel made us all forget about that with their Assembling a Universe special on ABC this evening. Featuring behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and concept art for the upcoming officially announced Marvel Studios productions, the highlight of the program was the reveals of several key character and costume designs.

With the final Phase 2 films all in production and the first Phase 3 film (Ant-Man) beginning to shoot later this year, the headlining segment was on The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which rounds off Phase 2 next summer. While there are several new characters the sequel will introduce, the pair earning the most attention are the “brother-sister act” of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, respectively.

Unable to avoid questions about their characters and roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the pair of talent – who can be seen together in Godzilla this May – have carefully dodged inquiries while vaguely revealing tidbits about their characters, powers and costumes for months now. Today, we can finally put to rest what they will look like for at least part of The Avengers 2, both in terms of their outfits and visual design of their powers in action.

Quicksilver has the simple power of being able to run at super high speeds whereas Scarlet Witch’s abilities are a little more complex. From Olsen’s hints, they involve a combination of telekinesis and perhaps even the ability to read the history of objects she touches. In the books, Scarlet Witch is incredibly powerful, able to alter reality, and we’re curious as to what extent writer and director Joss Whedon will utilize the character and her overpowered abilities for the film’s plot – especially considering her interesting relationships with Ultron and Vision, the latter of which who has yet to be officially confirmed as a new character appearing in the sequel.

Our first look confirms that Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s portrayal of Quicksilver won’t involve silver hair but will involve a tight blue-colored bodysuit, reminiscent of the character’s classic light blue tights. Sorry, no white lightning bolt down the front! As for Scarlet Witch, no extreme lingerie-esque design which we knew wasn’t to be expected from Olsen’s description of the character costume. This Scarlet Witch is much more real and rugged, but evidently powerful. The design team made sure to at least give her a red jacket. Keep in mind, it’s possible they suit up in multiple outfits throughout the film.

Also note the combatants Quicksilver is running through, launching into the air. Those must be Ultron’s army of robots – giving The Avengers a necessary group of faceless combatants to battle during the film’s action sequences. So, consider it confirmed that Ultron is into building things, possibly even Vision (Paul Bettany). Does he try to convert some of Earth’s Mightiest into androids like he attempted in the comics? Does a version of Ultron (he comes back in different forms and evolves so definitely expect that in the film) create his robotic “mate” Alkhema?

For the inevitable comparisons to Bryan Singer’s version of the same characters appearing in X-Men: Days of Future Past, here are the pair, along with a shot of Evan Peters suited up as ’70s Quicksilver:

The other major reveal of course, is one fans have waited years for – the Hulkbuster. For every movie Tony Stark is in, there must be at least one new suit for him to showoff (must sell those toys!) and the Hulkbuster is one of the most iconic designs from the books and something we’e seen concept art for in the past. When the massive Mark 38 “Igor” suit was unveiled or Iron Man 3 we thought that could be it, but it wasn’t. This is the real deal:

For comparison purposes, here’s the in-game art released years ago for the Hulkbuster design for The Incredible Hulk tie-in video game by sega, along with an image from Iron Man 3′s “Igor” suit:

Hulkbuster Armor in The Avengers Movie First Look At Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch & Hulkbuster Designs in The Avengers 2


Iron Man 3 Mark 38 Igor 570x427 First Look At Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch & Hulkbuster Designs in The Avengers 2

The official Hulkbuster concept art reveals a vastly larger suit for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, one that’s bigger than other designs. We’d expect that Stark is inside that suit, while wearing one of his standard suits, but who cares – Iron Man is fighting the Hulk! This means previous rumors about Hulk potentially losing control in this film might prove true and for fans of the books, that might be setting up a scenario where The Avengers must make the difficult decision to remove Hulk from our world by blasting him off to space, leading to the oft-rumored Planet Hulk and World War Hulk storylines which have been reportedly of interest to Marvel Studios boss and producer Kevin Feige.

Does this lend more credence to the possibility of a Planet Hulk film or could we be being misled? Perhaps Ultron, the artificially intelligent antagonist of The Avengers 2, is simply controlling the Hulkbuster armor by hacking into it? We like to think it’s the former and like in the books, Hulk simply cannot be tamed or controlled.

Stay tuned for more Phase 2 & 3 concept art revealed during the program. As an added bonus, here’s another image of Black Widow and Hulk fighting back-to-back:

Hulk Black Widow Official The Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Concept Art 700x425 First Look At Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch & Hulkbuster Designs in The Avengers 2



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Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Hulkbuster!

    It isn’t the Hulk who loses control and precipitates the fight between IM and Hulk. Ultron!!! duh.

  2. i only got a quick look when it was broadcast and i thought it was Ultron, it still could be since he is using Starks tech….

  3. Quicksilver in blue looks good, the lightning bolt can always be added after he joins the team officially. Scarlett Witch looks practical and real, so good job there as well. Make mine Marvel.

  4. Super pumped for this!
    Im with everyone who hopes/ thinks they will add the “real” costumes once they are on the team. They are keeping surprises up their sleeves! n i can’t wait to see them!!!

  5. What metal will they use to explain the suit. We know size is not enough for the hulk when he disintegrated an oncoming alien ship a few hundred times his size with a single punch.

    A big iron suit would fall apart very easily unless their is a decent explanation.

    • Vibranium composite? Good way to introduce present day Wakanda through a reference that they are exporting small quantities. Stark is wealthy enough to afford some. The suit won’t have Stark in it, at least not in control. Ultron will be in control over IM suits for part of movie, it wouldn’t make any sense if he wasn’t.

  6. The Hulk Buster armor looks really cool other than that all I can only hope is that by the time Age of Ultron comes out Quick Silver and The Scarlet Witch’s costumes will drastically improve. Right now they look really unimaginative.

  7. with Scarlet Witch got this new transformation now that I can confirm for myself that “Doctor Strange’ will be very STRANGE from comic.

    beside I still like it though..I’ll wait for It..

  8. It looks terrible!!

    • Then just avoid looking in a mirror today. ;)

  9. OH GROW SOME BALLS ALREADY MARVEL! YOU HAVE A TALKING RACCOON AND WALKING TREE THAT HAS BEEN WIDELY ACCEPTED… Give the guy white hair or at least platinum blonde… And YES to Hulkbuster. I love you Marvel.

    • The hair may be a storyline thing idk just saying, maybe they’re trying to make it more apparent that the two are twins

      • Good call. Maybe moving that fast has a price?

      • I’m hoping that by the end of the film he exerts himself in a act of sacrifice or redemption to the point his hair is turned white by the stress…

  10. Did anyone notice in that picture with quicksilver that he’s destroying what seems to be a bunch of robotic figures, or “ultrons”

    • Also, all the pictures look like their from the same city in Africa, or “Wakanda”!!

      • No, look more closely. They’re obviously in the middle east, thus the Ten Rings and the real Mandarin must come into play. Even look at the street sign that is a blur in the Quicksilver shot, it clearly says Mandarin Ave. with an arrow pointing to where all the machines are coming from. The Machines even have the face of the Mandarin.

        • hahahahahaha loll good one

        • ZZZZzzzzz…. Oh I’m sorry what? Were you adding anything important just then? Probably not huh? yeah I doubt you were…

  11. That could be pure concept art or… the real thing. Either way I´d be pleased if Quicksilver had white hair. thats his distinctive mark come on!
    and Scarelt Witch needs some kind of tiara.

    Hulkbuster? Ewww

  12. amazing how terrible the xmen quicksilver is- that whole bryan singer universe is terrible on film and its a good thing its not connected with the avengers or spider-man

    • Amen!

    • Thank you!!! Yes! Well said!

  13. I’d love it if at some point Quicksilver has to push himself so far and run so fast that it turns his hair white. Then Tony Start mocks him and calls him “Quicksilver” because of his hair. The scene writes itself.

    • +1

    • Exactly what Ive been saying and hoping… That Tony Stark calling him Quicksilver in the way he made Thor “Point Break” in reference to the movie was a good call JBrose! I LIKE IT!

  14. I’m so excited. I just can’t hide it.

  15. Well looks like everyone is enjoying this so far thats great (ignoring the shade about DOFP) can’t wait for the film.

  16. I love the slightly flashy, but understated (compared to the comics costumes) look of Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch in these images. I’ll never understand the people that whine when the tights from the comics that would look silly-as-f@ck on film don’t make the cut. Just look at Captain America, the only way they might the blue-tights look work on screen is to add textures and armored bits and lots of rugged-hardware style bits to it.

    • Spot on my man.

    • +10 Thank you^

  17. Looks amazing. Hope its Ultron controlling the suit. Don’t want another film of all the Avengers squabbling.

  18. I am so happy right now :)

  19. Quicksilver’s concept art looks better than Flash’s TV costume :(

    • Yeah, I don’t get it. Flash’s mask is great, but they’ve over thought his costume. With the advances in sportswear, all they had to do was put him in a matching sports running suit (A custom one of course). I mean if they can do it for Spider-man, why not flash?! Imean Flash is one of the few heroes that suit spandex on screen.

  20. Really really like Wanda’s look. Hulkbuster, on its own, already makes worth watching the movie

  21. really want a new solo hulk film

  22. I’m loving the Scarlett Witch design. I like the Quicksilver design too it’s just more subtle, which is probably a good thing. The Hulk Buster armour is just pure gold.

    If they only had three picture to show, they certainly picked the right ones.

    Not sure what to think on the Hulk/Black Widow pic, the Hulk look is from the Avengers poster, I think.

  23. It’s easily distinguishable on who wins to adapt the Maximoff twins on-screen. The costumes look very realistic and functional (sorry, I’d go for the Ultimates outfits than the classics).
    Despite not having silver hair (yet), I really love the subltety they did to Pietro’s hair making it very similar to his original hair style.
    Just exciting!!

  24. I really hope they don’t make a Planet Hulk movie anytime soon. If they can’t incorporate all the characters responsible for deciding to shoot him into space, I don’t see why they’d do it. Yes, they can change the story, & have Hulk come back & do to the Avengers what he did to the Illuminati, but that would suck. I think they should at least let the Hulk develop more with Mark Ruffalo as Banner for a few more movies.

  25. I love the irony of that woman on the set holding a color card. As if filmmakers care about proper white balance and faithful color reproduction these days. They are gonna slap some orange and teal on it anyway, so why should they care? :D

    Yes, yes… I know. It’s for the effects guys, so they can use the proper colors on the CGI to match the original footage (before they slap orange and teal over it), but still… ;)

  26. SPOILER ALERT*******
    On that last concept art some sort of tentacles are wrapped around black widows neck. And the Hulk is doctored in covering something behind him if you look closely.

    • Just noticed that now. What could it be? I can’t remember Ultron ever having tenticles.

    • It looks like Hulk is putting his hand behind his back and on her chest/neck area to protect her

  27. If that Hulbuster was any bigger it’d be a mech!

    • It’s a Titanfall or MechWarrior crossover ;)

  28. I thought both drawings were listed as “concept”, doesn’t that mean that theres a chance that Ouicksilver and Scarlet Witch won’t look exactly as they do in the drawings? Would love to see Quicksilver’s hair and eyes turn silver when he runs and then go back to brown when he stops.