You know what I love? Quentin Tarantino movies. You know what else I love? Minimalist art. How lucky is it then that I found this set of awesome minimalist-style tribute posters for all seven of Tarantino’s movies over at Collider? Using simple bold colors and clever designs, these posters by artist Ibraheem Youssef capture the essence of each one of Tarantino’s films and would look great on any QT fan’s wall.

Scroll down to check out all seven of the posters, which are displayed in chronological order by the year of their release.

Pretty cool, right? I like that it takes you a couple seconds to get the inspiration behind some of the posters. When the meaning of the designs finally dawns on you, it’s a good feeling (like you’re part of a really cool, but really nerdy inside joke). The best thing about these posters is that Youseff is selling limited edition 11″x18″ prints and 24″ x 36″ posters of them at his website.

A word of warning, though. If you want them, you will have to act fast as it appears that some of the poster-sized prints are already sold out. If I had more wall space, I’d definitely pick one up. Heck, I might anyway. Who needs pictures of family and friends when you’ve got cool movie posters, right?

I like all of these posters so much, I’m having a hard time picking my favorite. Right now, I think it’s a toss-up between Youssef’s clever interpretations of Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2. Which one is your favorite? Would you like to see any other director get the minimalist treatment?

Source: Ibraheem Youssef via  Collider