Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Killer Crow’ To Complete ‘Basterds’ and ‘Django’ Trilogy?

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django unchained quentin ta Quentin Tarantinos Killer Crow To Complete Basterds and Django Trilogy?

Iconic post-modern filmmaker Quentin Tarantino incorporated spaghetti western elements throughout his throwback Kung Fu revenge tale Kill Bill, followed by the Nazi-killing adventure Inglourious Basterds. How appropriate, then, that he should go on to create a proper homage to the genre with Django Unchained (read our review), which is currently stirring up the pot of controversy over its depiction of slavery and African-American history.

Now, the auteur is planning to round out his historical revenge fantasy trilogy with a final installment that likewise builds on Django by fully saluting the Blaxploitation genre – and incorporates Basterds‘ men-on-a-mission sub-genre inspiration – that could go under the title Killer Crow.

Earlier this month, Tarantino sat down for an interview with The Roots editor-in-chief and professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. Their discussion was focused on Django – including, cinematic traditions it draws from and the film’s depiction of slavery – but it began with the writer-director (and occasional actor) being asked “What’s next on the list of oppressors to off?”

Tarantino offered the following:

I don’t know exactly when I’m going to do it, but there’s something about this that would suggest a trilogy. My original idea for Inglourious Basterds way back when was that this [would be] a huge story that included the [smaller] story that you saw in the film, but also followed a bunch of black troops, and they had been f–ked over by the American military and kind of go apes–t. They basically — the way Lt. Aldo Raines (Brad Pitt) and the Basterds are having an “Apache resistance” — [the] black troops go on an Apache warpath and kill a bunch of white soldiers and white officers on a military base and are just making a warpath to Switzerland.

What’s interesting about this proposition is that such a film would indeed build on the themes of Django, which (in its own Tarantino-esque way) is about the birth of the archetypal Blaxploitation protagonist. Quite literally, as Tarantino revealed at Comic-Con that he imagined the eponymous character (Jamie Foxx) and his wife Broomhilda von Shaft (Kerry Washington) to be John Shaft’s ancestors. Therefore, Killer Crow would explore the next stage in the (pseudo-)history of Blaxploitation cinema, while also bringing things full circle to the WW II setting of Basterds:

So that was always going to be part of it. And I was going to do it as a miniseries, and that was going to be one of the big storylines. When I decided to try to turn it into a movie, that was a section I had to take out to help tame my material. I have most of that written. It’s ready to go; I just have to write the second half of it.

Tarantino added that such a project would be called Killer Crow (“or something like that”) and unfold after the Normandy invasion in 1944, concurrent with Basterds. Moreover, he indicated some of the Basterds could make an appearance since the two stories immediately overlap. Who knows, maybe one of Django’s descendants will be among the character ranks, lending further credence to the popular unified QT universe theory.

django unchained first reviews Quentin Tarantinos Killer Crow To Complete Basterds and Django Trilogy?

Jamie Foxx is ‘Django Unchained’

Django has incited outrage for reasons ranging from the savage nature of its world to its anachronistic mix of elements, be it the soundtrack or visual shout-outs to other films. Of course, the heavy use of racial epithets continues to prompt anger from prominent black artists like Spike Lee (who’s bound to have something to say about QT planning a film about black soldiers in WW II, following his own project Miracle at St. Anna).

Here’s what Tarantino said, with regard to Django‘s portrayal of history:

Well, you know if you’re going to make a movie about slavery and are taking a 21st-century viewer and putting them in that time period, you’re going to hear some things that are going to be ugly, and you’re going see some things that are going be ugly. That’s just part and parcel of dealing truthfully with this story, with this environment, with this land. Personally, I find [the criticism] ridiculous. Because it would be one thing if people are out there saying, “You use [the n-word] much more excessively in this movie than it was used in 1858 in Mississippi.” Well, nobody’s saying that. And if you’re not saying that, you’re simply saying I should be lying. I should be watering it down. I should be making it more easy to digest.

No, I don’t want it to be easy to digest. I want it to be a big, gigantic boulder, a jagged pill and you have no water.

Indeed, the evolution of that derogatory term (and the culture of discrimination it symbolizes) has been quietly touched upon previously in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown; Django shines an uncomfortable spotlight on the issue that makes it impossible to ignore. Expect Killer Crow to follow that trend – and keep the buzz (good and bad) circling Tarantino’s name once it finally sees the light of day.

For more insight about the research and thought process behind Django Unchained (which is now in theaters), check out The Root‘s full Tarantino interview.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep you posted on Killer Crow as the story develops.


Source: The Root

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  1. Bring it on.

    • I am ready for another QT movie. Folks can not distinguish movies from reality. Heck, I always watch his movies on the first showing. I am fully entertained and get my money’s worth. Those who criticizes a Tarrantino film has only to look at the line of people waiting to buy the ticket to see it with their families who are open minded.

  2. Good to go…as long as QT doesn’t again make the mistake of attempting to ‘act’ in his own films.

    • Tarantino acts in all of his films..

      • Actually, he does not appear in either of the Kill Bills, or Inglourious Basterds.

        • Actually he was in Inglorious Basterds, not a big role but there was a quick shot of him getting scalped and there was a rumor of him playing one of the Crazy 88′s in Kill Bill vol 1 but I haven’t’t seen him.

  3. Spike Lee wont be pleased lol

    • No he won’t. I am sure he is kicking his tail when no one is looking and muttering to himself like “why didn’t I think of that?”, “let me see how much money I would have made in that one!”

  4. I thought Tarantino was retiring?

    • Ha ha ha, do not forget that retiring starts with “re” as in repeat. lol.

    • U Wish

  5. I’m working towards my doctorate currently in American History centered on the Civil War era. I will say this, Django Unchained is far more historically accurate than Inglourious Basterds. The way in which people spoke and administered punishments to slaves during the time period is pretty much par for the course on a large plantation. And with his use of language, he actually seems to have done his research for this film because that is pretty much how everyone spoke back then. It didn’t matter if it was the North or the South, everyone used the n-bomb pretty liberally since during that time it was not an offensive word. Obviously now it is but to maintain the integrity of the material Tarantino actually used it about as much as any normal person in 1858 Mississippi would. Killer Crow sounds like an intriguing piece but since he already spoke of it right now that’s basically a guarantee that it will never come out. Until he announces the next film with an actor attached you pretty much have to take his words with a grain of salt.

    • Id say SLJ character is far from accurate… “black ass mtherfker” is not part of a slavehands lingo.

  6. KILLER CROW – My first thought when I focused on the name was that Tarantino would do a film about the American Indians where they got a chance to avenge themselves…../sigh. And I thought, MY…, that would be a good part of a trilogy with INGLORIOUS BASTERDS and DJANGO UNCHAINED.

    • thats a more better idea imo

    • That’s a good point. Who knows, maybe someone will point that out to QT and he’ll change his approach.

      … Okay, probably not, but we can dream, right?

    • Hey I like that Idea! Lets make our own movie!

  7. Read about this awhile back somehwere else, but wow! i cant wait. it will be another 3 years b4 we hear anything, and its funny how people criticize QT for using racial words alot in the movie, wow what is this the 60′s? Its a damn movie, and if your one of those people who get butt hurt over a word in a movie then i guess you dont appreciate a work of art. QT still has that punch in the gut style, and im looking forward for the next movie B)

  8. i watched django last night, and i swear i heard “the n word” more times in my 20min bus ride, than i did in the two hour film. perhaps spike needs a reality check. and I thought the same thing reading the title for killer crow, it should be a native story.

    • I 110% agree with you Brandon – he should incorporate an Alliance of African and Indigenous Americans vs. The Oppressors.

      • AKA “White People” right?

    • Agree.

  9. Wait, ‘Basterds’ is the prequel to ‘Django’?

    What do you mean trilogy if not that?

    • Django is before Basterds and Crows is then during the same time as Basterds and somehow connected to Django.

    • i don’t think its a prequel necessarily they have the same themes of oppression i guess so it makes it a trilogy

      • Id say its just three films of a similar genre, kinda like cornetto trilogy by edgar wright.

      • Okay. Because I did not think that they would be related, then again I have yet to see Django. Thanks mrsbuttersworth.

  10. I think it is okay that he uses the “N-word” in this movie because he is making it look exactly like the horrible thing that it is.

    • He made it lool horriblr yes, but it felt like a parody of the time period.

  11. I think the native idea sounds great.

  12. Trilogy? Isnt all tarantino films about revenge?
    I kid lol

  13. He should do something else. Something modern would be cool. Plus there really isn’t any good young black actors. Before you reply name five under 30.

    • Oh man that is tough, touche sir.

    • For black people, 30 isn’t old. Just letting you know. Thanks to genetics and melanin, black people don’t really ever look their real age.

      That’s why they can be near 30, in their 30s and their 40s playing people in their teens and early 20s (example: Stacey Dash was 27 when she played 15-year old Dionne in the movie Clueless).

      So, as for young, black actors:

      Lance Gross, Blair Underwood, Derek Luke, Columbus Short, Terrence Howard, Omar Epps, Malik Yoba, Marcus T. Pollack, Tyler James Williams, Michael B. Jordan, Richard Ri’Chard.

      And, there are plenty more. Looks like Screenranters need to expand their horizons beyond white media a little bit. There are a lot of amazing black, Latino, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Pakistani, etc. talent out there. And, you’re missing out by not knowing who they are.

      • I’m white, why should I expand my horizons to anything else? I watch white movies, read white comics, etc..
        Why? Cause I’m white. God that pissed me off

        • Then, good for you. Be pissed off. And?

        • It’s stupid to suggest that there are no good black actors (young or otherwise). That led to a seemingly reasonable assumption that the poster who claimed that simply hadn’t been paying attention.

          It’s also stupid to limit yourself to “white” culture entirely, especially since I’m not entirely sure what that means. What was the last movie or comic you decided not to pick up because it didn’t meet that standard?

          “Why should I expand my horizons to anything else?” EGAD1 asks. The answer would be: to enrich your own life and mind. We don’t care if you stay stupid. It was a suggestion for your own benefit. Take it, leave it, be mad… who cares?

        • Why are you pissed off because you’re white?

      • Terrence howard looks like he is 50

        • No he doesn’t. But, thanks for your pointless post…

          • Terrence howard is 43 years old, saying he looks under 30 is just wrong. This is judging his looks, as an actor he is great

      • Thanks for correcting such a ridiculous statement.

    • the basterds barely spoke. i would love to see chris tucker as one.

  14. Dumb idea for a movie.

  15. Just saw Django Unchained for the second time. This movie is ripe for a sequel, though I seriously doubt QT is going to ever get around to do it.

    • Sequal? It had an ending without loose ends.

      • They still have to make their way out of the Deep South to the Old West, where I assume Broomhilda will be killed and Django will have to travel the land seeking out justice with his iconic coffin and machine gun in tow.

        • Hmmmm i dont see that as a good film, more like an extension of this one. Like an extra half hour or hour of extra footage could work.

    • I am not exactly sure on their age but here are a few big names:
      Anthony Mackie, hurt locker; Michael B Jordan, Chronicle; Columbus Short, Armored

      And I’m sure there are plenty more young actors out there that go unnoticed

      • Non of which imo can lead a film, and be a draw. With the exception of mackie who has potential.

      • Rico, don’t waste your time. Some people simply can’t see beyond themselves. Columbus Short has already been the lead in a critically and financially successful movie (‘Stomp the Yard’). And, considering he’s not a traditional film actor and made the transition from Broadway, that’s saying something.

        But, according to Trey, he can’t see any of these black actors (including the already proven Columbus Short) playing the lead or carrying a film, except for Mackie.

        Sometimes, you have to wonder if the reason black/non-white actors traditionally can’t break through is because the powers that be are people like Trey – those who just can’t see ‘it’, and therefore, don’t give black/non-white actors a chance.

        • Thats funny, stomp the yard is a dance movie with a 25% on rt, he isnt a lead actor. He isnt denzel, idris elba. The problem is he named actors who havnt proven themselves. I cant see it cause they dont have the acting ability. Not saying some no names cant prove me wrong. But ur comment was way off base

        • There is plenty of great non white actors, he failed to name one besides mackie

  16. ..I loved the film, ever since Q.T. started directing , i always would’ve loved to see what he would’ve done with a ” Spaghetti Western” and now we i have it. You have to give the credit he doesn’t ever play it safe and make a ” cookie cutter” film, and that’s why he is one of the greatest directors of my time, he also revives careers of forgotten actors and actress’s Ala John Trovolta and Pam Grier, what ever happens to them after his films they were in is on them, but at least helps them. I could go on and on the positives and the negatives, but one thing is for love him or hate him he is passionate about what he makes..

  17. Good one

  18. Hopefully it comes out soon

  19. that picture of Tarantino looks like he’s trying to sneak up on someone’s dick and eat it.

  20. Black actors under 35 who could be leading men.

    Brandon Jackson (Tropic Thunder)

    Cheitewel Ellifor (Serenity,Red Belt)

    Mehcad Brooks (true blood)

    Donald Glover (The Community)

    John Boyega (attack the block)

    Tristian wilds (The Wire)

    Damon wayans jr. (The other Guys, Happy endings)

    Edi Gathegi (X-Men First Class)

  21. I think Native Americans would be a better idea, rather than black soldiers…. Blacks rose in Django, as the Jews in Inglorious…Native Americans would be good and would blend with the idea of crossing Inglorious Characters…since Aldo is part cherokee it could bring in some interesting dialogue with this group. Also Johnnny Depp could be used since he wants to work with Johnny Depp and he’s playing an indian in The Lone Ranger.

  22. I wonder who the black soldiers will end up killing on their rampage en route to Switzerland? Will they be killing racist white Allied troops, or will they be killing German soldiers, or both? The German obsession with race is somewhat exaggerated in the media leading many to believe that the Germans wanted to kill all black people on the planet and such. The reasons for why the Slavs and Russians were made out as sub human was because the point of the war was to conquer new territory in Russia for Germans to live in, and thus the native people of those territories had to be “removed”. Propagating them as being sub human was a form of brainwashing to make the violence and uncomfortable business of fighting and killing the Slavs easier to digest for the German troops, and also to make the job of ethnic cleansing the Russian territories easier for those tasked with that, like the SS and the Einsatz, etc. However, there was never any real issues with Africans among Germans or “nazis:. There are many anecdotes of black prisoners getting treated much better than their white comrades in German POW camps. I wonder how Tarantino will handle this: Will he do the predictable thing and have the black troops go on a rampage against “nazi” soldiers who are portrayed as being obsessed with racial superiority theories, or will it be more realistic and have the black troops fight the unfair treatment of their white superiors by killing some of them and then fight some Germans who are standing in their way simply so they can reach Switzerland for the sake of escaping the war with their lives? Will Tarantino be historically accurate or will he simply exploit existing sensationalist fantasies?

    I can’t help but feel this film is a bad idea, but let’s hope for the best.

  23. Honestly i thought that it would have to do with native americans as well but if you think about it crow was also a derogatory term that was used for black people or how things were in the 40′s and 50′s (hence jim Crow). I’m not gonna lie i would be looking forward to this movie if and when it comes out and it would be a nice touch to the basterds story line

  24. Awesome! Its actually remarkable paragraph,
    I have got much clear idea concerning from this paragraph.

  25. I’d rather see Kill Bill 3…..,,but that’s me!