Will ‘Captain America 2′ Introduce Quasar?

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Quasar Captain America 2 Wendell Vaughn Will Captain America 2 Introduce Quasar?

Now that Marvel has managed to build a movie universe out of characters largely unknown to casual fans, things look to really get interesting. ‘Phase One’ of Marvel’s movie plan has come to completion, providing origin stories for their heroes and universe, having the Avengers assemble, and hinting at figures and forces beyond Earth’s sight.

For ‘Phase Two’ things are going cosmic, as proven by the presence of Thanos, and the Guardians of the Galaxy actually getting their own film. But in the midst of all the rumors and confirmed details, fans of Marvel’s Cosmic fiction have been asking: where is Nova, and what’s being planned for Quasar?

Based on recent reports and our own suspicions, we’re beginning to think Marvel might pull a surprising move with the bearer of the Quantum Bands. Could Quasar first appear not as part of ‘Phase Two’s galactic conflict, but be introduced via S.H.I.E.L.D. in Captain America 2? The move wouldn’t just give fans a hand to hold when ‘Phase Three’ begins, but could build the kind of bridge we’ve yet to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We’ve speculated on Quasar being included in Guardians since the property was first announced as one adaptation Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige hoped would succeed. Yet Quasar was noticeably absent from the concept artwork, and has yet to be revealed or discussed. Of course, that artwork also failed to show Nova as a potential character, and we can’t believe Marvel will let that be the case (we’re not alone on that, either). But rumors of a live-action Quasar are anything but new.

Back before the Marvel train had become unstoppable, casting rumors dealing with the extended universe ran rampant. Kevin Pennington was one young actor signed on for a three-picture deal, and while that contract bore little fruit, the presumed size of the role and Pennington’s description of his character as “maskless” had many predicting the imminent announcement of Quasar.

Quasar Marvel Movie Casting Will Captain America 2 Introduce Quasar?

In hindsight, Marvel took baby steps in approaching their Cosmic fiction, which has turned out to be a wise move. But if Quasar was on their minds back then, the momentum gained by ‘Phase One’ means the time may be right. The question then, is how Quasar – a title held by more than one Marvel hero – would fit into the movie universe – and for fans, whether the ‘Cosmic Avenger’ would need to be preceded by Captain Marvel. If that’s the case, Marvel has a LOT of groundwork to lay (although new rumors of Ms. Marvel being cast bolster the idea). But perhaps we’re thinking about this the wrong way.

Marvel is currently casting for a pair of “physical” male roles in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and considering the skills of both actors being considered, it doesn’t seem to be a bit part. Which leads us to wonder: what absence is currently left in the roster? No vacancy stands out more than that left by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson, liaison between Marvel’s super-powered individuals and the government agency overseeing them. Coulson is set to return in Joss Whedon’s S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, but a continued role in the films is still unconfirmed.

Captain America’s film franchise is the most clearly aligned with S.H.I.E.L.D. at the moment, with ‘Agent 13′ a.k.a. Sharon Carter set to be introduced in The Winter Soldier, alongside The Falcon (Anthony Mackie). The latter’s origin story is possibly being rewritten as a second attempt at Cap’s ‘Super Soldier Serum,’ so the ties between the team’s leader and the organization are being strengthened. Yet those roles still leave the opportunity to introduce another S.H.I.E.L.D. operative who can franchise-hop, in order to establish continuity before Avengers 2 (played by someone with a schedule less hectic than Scarlett Johansson or Jeremy Renner).

Josh Holloway Wendell Vaughn Theory Will Captain America 2 Introduce Quasar?

When the casting rumors first surfaced, we argued that Josh Holloway (Lost, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) would be tailor-made for such a role, having already proven his likability and operative skills on celluloid. The physicality required by Marvel in casting the role also implies that the new character will be expected to do more than just paperwork. With that in mind, could the new S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in Captain America 2 be none other than Wendell Vaughn?


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  1. This is getting to have too many characters, it needs to be all about Cap and Bucky, their relationship, and how Bucky became Winter Soldier. There still has to be a villainous character (Zemo fits best) to have created the Winter Solider.
    This should be a great sequel but it needs to be tightly written and not bloated with too many additional characters.

    • i agree
      there’s a danger in too many characters
      as in Xmen 3

      • Chill out you guys; what is being suggested is more along the lines of Captain Frankie Raye in Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. She is the character that goes on to become (the female) Nova in the comics. Having her introduced as a character with some lines in that film, set her up for potentially being used later. Those films bombed so we won’t be seeing her, but if Wendell Vaughn was brought in ala Agent Coulson and Frankie Raye, he could be subtly introduced, specifically as a non-hero character.

        • I would completely accept it if his appearance was the way you just described it. I feel like the guys above that the movie needs to stick to being a sequel to Captain America and not like Iron Man 2 which seemed to focus far too much on setting up shield, Nick Fury, and Black Widow (Still a great movie IMO). It doesn’t need to be bloated with too many other character appearances outside of Cap, Winter Soldier, and whoever the greater enemy is going to be. I’m already kinda iffy on having Falcon tag along.

          But as for Quasar I’d love to see him appear in his normal alter ego form just as a shield agent for the whole movie to start out with. Maybe at the very end of the movie or in the mid-credits sequence(or one of them) they could have him discover the Quantam Bands but not have him really use them yet, atleast not to their full potential or like he would if he was in Avengers 2.

          • I really think that Marvel is making a mistake with some of these characters at this juncture. There are SO many great heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and just great characters that I would love to see before the whole cosmic thing goes wild, but you can’t always get what you want.

            To me, all the space characters, like Quasar and Nova, were just never very hashed out. Maybe I just can’t relate, but it’s my preference.

    • I have to agree. Cap 2 already has captain america, winter soldier, nick fury, maria hill, black widow, hawkeye, falcon, sharon carter, and more casting on the way. unless they give him a really small role, I think adding quasar to the cast might be over doing it.

      of course if he does get a small role, he could be the pilot from guardians of the galaxy that ends up in space instead of star-lord. thats just my wishful thinking though, because I think star-lord works best as a seasoned, knowledgeable space man instead of a rookie star hopper. but I would prefer they had carol danvers in that role since they want to introduce ms. marvel anyway… ugh, so much potential for so many things in such limited space.

      Ill be honest, I’d be fine with Vaughn being in the movies, but Id prefer he not be and that they just skip straight to phyla-vel in GotG

    • I agree that it needs to be about Bucky/Cap relationship their are many story elements going on that have to be fleshed like how Cap’s dealing with the world now(fish out of water & losing everyone he’s ever known like Bucky & Peggy), what happened to Bucky over the years(how he became Winter Soldier ), theirs the SHIELD element(Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Falcon), potential love interest(Sharon Carter), plus the other villain element(Baron Zemo, Hydra, AIM)…

      Too a comic fan this sounds like a dream, adding Carol Danver/Ms. Marvel, Quasar, and a potential cameo by Ant-Man(if they are doing a Ant-Man movie in 2014) but it sounds like a lot to pack into 1 movie especially the movie that sets up Guardians of the Galaxy and maybe even Avengers 2…

      • “a lot to pack into 1 movie especially the movie that sets up Guardians of the Galaxy and maybe even Avengers 2…”

        And that’s another problem, these movies need to stand on their own for a while, The Avengers was great, a real triumph, but all of the earlier movies were there essentially to set it up. And at times, this hurt the separate movies, Iron Man 3 seems to be a singular film, sure there will be connections to the wider universe but I feel Cap 2 needs to do something similar.

        • An overcrowded cast is definitely a concern (even if Avengers pulled it off without issue) but so far it’s hard to tell how much any of the characters will appear in the actual movie.

          Black Widow is expected to appear at some point, but there hasn’t been confirmation that Hawkeye will be playing a sizable role at all. Fury might have a few scenes, leaving Carter, Cap and Falcon to take on Bucky. If that’s the case, there’s more than enough room to give Vaugh a few scenes alongside Carter.

    • well i don´t know the figure-quasar-,but if his story would be build up like in the article,then it would be a cool thing. very interesting news. i find that the first cap was alright as an origin-story,but the second part needs more superheroes and -falcon- is a good choice,and let´s see if the origin of -quasar- will come to fruition.

    • I agree. It’s getting to deep for the average movie/super hero fan. As much as I like the ideas, theses movies can’t just be made or marketed to the fan boys.

      • I agree 100% with you, I love phase 1 but I knew all of these characters from cartoons as a kid, NOT from the comics! I DO NOT want all of phase 3 to be ALL characters that ONLY fanboys know! Im sure there will be a Thor 3 and IM PRAYING for another HULK standalone with Ruffalo! the avengers did SO GOOD in part because of the HULK character, NOW there is a release date for ANTMAN which does not thrill me (mostly because I dont know him) that does not mean I will not like it! I WILL watch it for sure, but Marvel is getting WAY TOO OUT THERE for the normal moviegoer, if they move too far away from the more popular characters I fear a big dip in their $$$ take and we all know what that means! I get that RDJ contract is coming up but it may be time to resign him, this MCU probably never would have came to fruition without him BTW PPL LOVE IRONMAN, that does not mean more IM movies but he needs to STAY a part of the MCU! along with the other 5 from Avengers at least in small parts because THEY ARE THE AVENGERS

    • Have 2 agree. It’s starting 2 have way 2 many characters. Really wish they would just give us a good straight up captain America movie. I’ll still go see it, but they are completely turning cap into a complete shield movie. Make a shield movie then d****! And give cap his own space.

      • What do you mean by a “straight up Captain America movie”? One with him at the core, or one without any other characters besides him?

        • One without any characters besides him. I’m talking about cap really finding the definition of the American embodiment And the American dream and what great lengths he’ll go 2 achieve those characteristics. IMO I just feel that marvel can go deeper with cap.

          • You might be forgetting that they have to market the Captain America sequel to an international audience, and an entire film based on CA and his quest to discover the American dream isn’t going to be a huge draw for non-Americans.

          • he stands for strength,freedom and fairness, that are not just the american dream. that´s why i like him.

    • I couldn’t agree more DSB, but I think if this theory were true, the whole origin of Quasar wouldn’t be done in Cap 2 alone.

      I’d wager that he’d only have minor role as a SHIELD agent in Cap 2, and have the rest happen in a future movie (GotG or its sequel perhaps, or even Avengers 2 maybe).
      I’m thinking something along the lines of Dr. Sterns in TIH… we saw a glimpse of what he becomes, but not everything… Then again, that might be a bad example seeing as Dr. Sterns hasn’t been seen since in the movies (only the comic-book tie-ins).

    • @DrSamBeckett: I know! That’s exactly what I think, too. With all this talk of several additional characters, I can’t help but be uneasy, I hope Marvel doesn’t ruin everything with too many characters. And I hope they make all of the upcoming movies so they will be understandable to casual fans, not just the comic book geeks (no offense, comic book geeks!).

    • Couldn’t agree more…
      It should focus more on Steve and Bucky, since we didn’t actually see them ‘together’ enough in the first movie.

    • I agree. This thing already has Falcon, Bucky, Agent 13, possibilities of Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury cameos, perhaps Scott Lang or Henry Pym. SO much going on already we don’t need Quasar

  2. I may be alone in this, but I was mostly hoping Phase 3 would be more grounded and focus on a “civil war” type story

    • You’re not alone, that’s what I hope they’re building up to. Civil War makes sense to do.

    • i think Cival War should be the focus on Phase 3. It would serve as a great Earth-centric (i.e. grounded) storyline that follows Phase 2′s cosmic “out-of-this-world” elements

    • I love the civil war story arc for the phase three movies. I was kind of hoping they would go that way.

    • Civil War sounds great for phase 3. However Marvel should have a Cosmic Phase 1 to run alongside Civil War; make them separate phases but within the same universe. Like in the comics, the Annihilation event was happening during the Marvel Civil War event. Because of the Civil War going on, Rider and Pete didn’t want to go to Earth and they just stayed in Earth’s orbit at one point, focusing on how to plan their next move toward the cosmic Annihilation War going on.

      • I had once hoped for Civil War too, but….man, did X-Men really make me sick of crowds of people yelling “we don’t trust them! Blehhhhh!”

        Even the one shot at the end of Avengers when a person on a newscast said something along those same lines (“they’re dangerous!”) I had to roll my eyes. That’s one of the best conflicts told through Civil War, but I feel like it’s one of the most played out in the superhero movies we’ve gotten so far.

        • Wouldn’t Marvel need to include some of the characters FOX and other companies hold rights to to pull Civil War off? Like Mr. Fantastic played a big part, so did Spider-man and the Punisher. It’d be kinda hard pull the story off well if some of those characters who were almost as important as Cap and Iron Man were missing from it.

          I’d like to make things go back to being more earth cintric in phase 3 as well but I’d rather see someone like Ultron be the focus. Or use time travel and have Kang (even the Kang/Ultron war). Or they could have the Masters of Evil or something like that.

      • what about Secret Invasion where do you think that arc would fit between in

  3. As long as it stays entertaining, that’s all I ask.

  4. I don’t mind minor introductions of characters that are going to be ‘something greater’ in other films. Just don’t focus on them too much. The ‘Easter Egg’ surprise is more fun! – Stark

  5. I dont have any worries about more people if its done in a correct way and is beneficial to the plot of the story. They also stated it would be a build up, they already had Wendal Vaughn in Avengers he just isnt called by name. So by having him show up in the other films allows the viewers to become familiar with him. I also think Marvel/Disney has proven that they can handle their characters and story pretty well, I’ll keep the faith.

    Oh and I think that the idea of doing Civil War would be an absolute horrible idea, as a comic book fan its great and Id love to see it play out on the screen, but as a moviegoer, its a bad idea, Civil War was a story that was built up over the years, and that build up was what made it work. Our investment in those characters over the years is what made it matter to us. Moviegoers are not that invested in the Heritage of our characters and to have them build something just to have it have it crack from the inside Hero vs Hero, im not sure that is something that would play out well. On top of that your complaing about over saturation of characters but do you understand how many characters that you would need to make that story Viable. Then take in the idea that the Cosmic side that Marvel is building has absolutely nothing to do with Civil War. So then that connection that has been established begins to pull apart and for what so they can do War of Kings. Hmmmmm I know some of you are saying works for me, lol

    • while I love war of the kings, that would require establishing the inhumans, kree, shi’ar (which might be a fox property thanks to the x-men) Vulcan and the starjammers (definitely fox properties) and other cosmic stuff. and it has nothing to do with the avengers, so I really dont see it happening (all though having cosmic marvel off doing its own thing, separate from avengers after phase 2, would be awesome)

      • Actually Foc doesnt own all those characters they are limited to x amount of Xmen related characters none of which are cosmic characters. Where did you read the Starjammers where, everything Ive read says the opposite, but I may be wrong it happens. As far as the rest go, really how much set up do you need in Star Wars did you need all the alien races orgins told to you, of course not. In a Galaxy Far far away there where hundreds of civilizations that fell under 3 warring Empires.These Empires where the Skrulls, The Kree and The Shi’ar. See there you go all set up. Just sayin not everything has to be completely explained people are able to understand basic concepts.

  6. hmm

  7. marvel studios are professionals,they know how to build up the character-arcs and stories around the -marvel universe-. no offense, but the most here can speculate about the phase 2 or 3 storylines how much they want. but, they already know how to bring their storys forward. i don´t think that they are interested in your theories. maybe they have an office were they study all the fan sites, to know what the most want to see. but, till now they haven´t dissapointed the fans.

    • Uh Iron Man 2 was a disappointment and Thor wasn’t brilliant.

      • let´s say 80 % were brilliant, 10% were good 10% were bad. under the bad ones are elektra,spidy 2, x 3, man-thing.

        • and those under the bad where made by fox and sony

        • Spiderman 2 was the best of the trilogy in my opinion.

          • agreed, and way better then Amazing

        • Man-Thing was strictly a TV movie made on a TV movie budget (ie it was set up to kinda suck anyway) so it shouldn’t counted. Besides that character is kinda hard to pull off in general terms anyway.

        • sorry spidy 3 not 2 !

  8. Love Quasar, but CA2 has enough characters rich with history, Quasar should have a part, but maybe in a solo film, or GotG.

  9. I say set him up as a SHIELD agent through Phase 2, and then he can become Quasar in Phase 3.

    • Bingo.

    • I agree with you on that comment they should let Quasar develop from an agent to a Guardian of the Galaxy that way the audience would grow fond of him and understand his legacy.

  10. Haha! The picture at the top is of Richard Rider (aka Nova) with the Quantum Bands not Wendell Vaughn. Then again, maybe they posted that picture because they mentioned both of them and the other (for a limited time) Quasar (Phyla-Vell).

    I’d like see a Cosmic Phase 1 instead of them being grounding on Earth for a Phase 3. Agent Wendell (pre-Quasar) should deff be introduced in Cap2 and not in Guardians. Keep rookie Rider’s cameo for Guardians.

    • Haha yep, I didn’t expect anyone to catch that one! Richard Rider when he lost his Nova mojo, included both for the confusion it caused among fans and the fact that the suit seen there is the most likely to be seen (minus the cape and headbands of the past).

      • Hey, Andrew Dyce, thanks for the report btw. The entire reason why I’ve been living on this site for the past few months is because of the updates you guys bring in regards to the Guardians of the Galaxy and the hopes of Nova.

        Haha and hell yeah I caught that, Nova is my favorite Marvel superhero. I can deff see them uses the new Quasar armor post-exiting The Fault.

  11. where the heck is Adam Warlock in all of this??

    • In a cocoon.

    • dont worry, he’ll be in guardians. and if he isnt, let me be struck by lightning.

      • They can’t introduce Adam Warlock right off the bat. I wasn’t lying, he is actually in a cocoon. They need to awaken him. In the comics Phyla-Vell and Moondragon awaken him.

  12. Is Captain America going to be in this movie too?

  13. Cool theory (a well researched and thought-out one at that), but I’m not so sure how (if at all) this’ll play out.

    My response to DrSamBeckett above says everything I think would happen if this were going to happen – where there’d be SHIELD agents with famous Marvel Comics characters’ names, but would only be small easter eggs for possible future expansions.

  14. Too many characters….hmm….

    Personally, I don’t see how.

    While I’ve never been a long time comic book fan and don’t know a lot about the Marvel universe, I don’t see how there would be too many characters.

    I’ve read comparisons to X-Men: The Last Stand but honestly, the plot in that movie seemed to be all over the place and they crammed characters in for the sake of it.

    Cap 2…..so far, I don’t see that.

    All it needs is the “fish out of water” thing we expect alongside elements of Winter Soldier’s backstory discussed in a debriefing scene to inform Cap why they need to find out who this guy is and how to stop him, have flashbacks of WW2 at a moment of crisis to help Cap understand how to deal with a situation the way he did back in the 40s then we have the Bucky reveal at the very end when his threat is dealt with.

    Sharon and Falcon can be introduced as allies with Cap finding out she’s related to Peggy (just a quick “you remind me of someone” before he finds out) and Falcon being introduced as someone they tested the serum on and built a suit for to aid in aerial spying like a human drone.

    Just came up with all that off the top of my head and reading it back, it doesn’t sound as cluttered or troubling as the rest of you have thought it could be with the influx of characters.

    Honestly, we don’t need an in depth origin story for the characters we know about and if they go the route with Quasar that was mentioned in the article, we could see Wendell help fight off the threat at the end of Ant-Man perhaps with him being presumed dead until the mid-credits button where he rises up from the rubble as Quasar.

    Simple, right? Thoughts on these ideas?

    • i am in your corner. i don’t feel this is becoming x3 either. your story sounds cool

  15. This is going to be sweet. I don’t know too much about Quasar but I’m excited. I just hope they bring in Nova. Richard Rider Nova.

  16. I like the idea of bringing him in initially as only a SHIELD agent and then later on becoming Quasar when the big name contracts start ending. MARVEL will have to find characters to replace RDJ’s Iron Man (because let’s face it, he’s going to be expensive and executives don’t like spending money) and others down the road. This could potentially be the route they are taking, but it could go the easter egg route of Curt Connors in Raimi’s Spider-Man movies…a guy who fans knew was to become the Lizard, but he never did…in Raimi’s films.

  17. Hell of an idea. Bring on Josh Holloway. He is probably the most underused and fresh hunk in Hollywood and a great actor.

    • Infact I believe Holloway as Quasar will give Thor a run for his money in sheer terms of charm and manliness.

  18. I see some of you have a problem with “too many characters”. While I share the same thought I also think creative and balanced writing can bring all of these characters to the screen in the solo movies. These comics are all about the characters and I welcome them all. I would rather have comic names than new names that are not in the comic. How many SHIELD agents were on the hellicarrier in The Avengers? A lot. I would rather some of them be acutal characters from the comic. You need characters to make the movie, just use the plethera of characters in the Marvel Universe, which looks exactly what Marvel is doing.

    • That’s exactly what I said 4 comments above your reply too so glad we’re on the same page amongst the sea of worry.

  19. Josh could definitely play Quasar.

    • Exactly. And josh has been on marvel’s radar for way too long now. Even the marvel fans who never heard about LOST would know who Josh Holloway is, by now. First Gambit, then Hawkeye, then Antman and now quasar. It’s high time he grabbed one of those opportunities. He is too good to be left out of marvel universe. A marvellous actor like him deserves to be a part of cool marvel superhero gang.

  20. I was hoping that Captain America movies would be ones that have more grounded stories. Admittedly, Cap’s foes usually have high-tech and/or extraordinary power that would easily fly straight out of comic books, but science fiction with grounded flavor wouldn’t hurt. That’s what I always imagined when I read some old Captain America’s comics anyway. Cap don’t have those beam projectile extraordinary powers, just enhanced physicality and athleticism plus his sharp wit, so why not focus on those? One guy with shield against an alien technology WMD? It made for an epic stories.

  21. Quasar appearing would be a cosmic fanboy Marvel Movie dream come true. One of the coolest cosmic characters that never got into upper tier status, and he’d make an incredible cinematic visual. I’m all for it, and I was surprised that Vaughn didn’t have some kind of cameo in the beginning of the Avengers actually.

  22. Not familiar with the Quasar character so, uh, um, sure, why not? Although I am more anxious to see Goliath (Hank Pym), Wasp, Quicksilver, and scarlet Witch in Avengers than just about any other new hero characters. Maybe some new villain characters, also, like Skrulss, Ultron, and Kang.

  23. That’s quite a “community” of characters. ahem.

    • “I understood that reference”

  24. Awesome news, if true. I used to see Quasar in the Avengers comic, years ago, back when I first started reading it, and I basically read the whole “Quasar” comic book run, right from the first issue.

    Very cool

  25. You guys know your comics!! Blimey! As a non comic book reader, I just hope they do not fill this with too many characters to follow and stick to the fact that both Cap and Bucky are unfrozen in worlds unfamiliar to them. Am I right in thinking the Winter Soldier is at odds with Captain America? Then Cap turns him and they both go after the main bad guy is my assumption. I am going to say that I think that Cap2 will kill off Hawkeye giving a Black Widow stand alone movie as she ‘loves’ him and this will bring some semblance of sexual equality for the movies. She will go and hunt down the guy who killed him.

  26. How EXACTLY could Quasar fit into Captain America 2? I could see him in Thor 2, or Iron Man 3 (instead of Antman), so I don’t think this rumor is true because of that.

    If Antman had a cameo in Captain America 2 (make him a SHIELD agent, and Cap is working with SHIELD), Quasar in Iron Man 3 (Post credit scene), and Thor explores the cosmos (GotG, Thanos, Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer, Fire Giants, Dwarves, Elves) Then I would see it happening. Somehow in a CA movie, I don’t think Quasar would fit in…

  27. Do you think a mainstream audience is ready for a more…expanded Marvel universe? The Avengers didn’t make 1.5 billion just off of comic book geeks. They needed to pull in non fanboys as well, and I think this expanded universe is expanding too much. My point is that I think I am a little more “geeky” than most people and enjoy reading comics from time to time, but I have no frickin’ clue who Quasar is. I’m not even sure I care.

    I had not even heard of Guardians of the Galaxy until a few months ago, and I have zero interest in seeing that movie. A tree and a raccoon (a gun wielding raccoon at that) are part of the team? really? No clue on Ant-Man either. Does this character even deserve a stand alone movie?

    Am I the only who thinks that this much expansion is a bad idea? I would just hate to see Marvel muck up a good thing.

    • All this fuss abt marvel treating its fanboys by expanding its universe and non-fanboys not being ready is just in the minds of fanboys. I believe it’s the fanboys who are actually not ready for the 2nd tire of superheroes to take on the big screen and they just want marvel to stick to the ‘stars’ or should I say, the A-list heroes. I can talk from the non-fanboy point of view. As far as expanding the universe is concerned, I don’t mind as long as its fun. I have not read a single marvel comic, had seen the hulk movie, iron man movie, hadn’t seen the Thor movie and hadn’t seen captain America movie but I still absolutely loved the avengers movie. And I loved captain America the most in it despite not having read his comics or watching his solo movie. Before avengers I didn’t know captain America existed, still I loved him. So as far as non fan boys are concerned, they dont know any marvel character. Just give them a good movie and they’ll love it.
      Now talking from a Lost-sawyer fan boy point of view, I absolutely don’t care if they bring quasar or Antman or say mosquito man. All I want is to see Josh holloway as a part of avengers team. As long as he is the part of the franchise and they do justice with every character, what’s the problem in expanding the universe? Fanboys should stop panicking by taking the excuse of non fanboys. Infact marvel has done a brilliant job till now, and fanboys should support them and have faith in them.

  28. Why is Ant-man phase 3?

    • He SHOULD have been Phase 2 but it came down to a studip schedualing conflict. I still believe they could do some magic and have his movie mid way through phase 2 and still have him be in any post Ant-man movies like Avengers 2. But who knows, it should still be a good movie whenever it comes out.

  29. I understand there needs to be additional characters. But some characters don’t fit. Bring in Starnge, Panther, ant and wasp and let there be a time for cosmic characters.

    In my opinion, by the time they face Thanos, they will need a all of the earths heroes, from the core avengers, a few High powered X-men and FF4, not to mentiion a few villains, to assist like Dr Doom and Magneto just to protect their own turf.

    I mean really, if Thanos is too much for all of Asguard, several Omega level mutants as well as a good portion of meta-Humans at what point do you not bring every super power in the known universe to defeat him.

    Thanos eventually destroys the entire universe and every living thing in it and then is disappointed by that action and undo his destruction and relinguish his power
    So what story-line will they take with the next 2 avenger movies and side movies?