Quantum Of Solace Blu-ray Review

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quantum of solace trailer1 Quantum Of Solace Blu ray Review

Quantum Of Solace, the 2008 follow up to the incredibly successful Bond film, Casino Royale had a lot to live up to. Casino Royale completely revamped the Bond industry with a stellar, action packed story line, and the introduction of Daniel Craig as the new face of James Bond.  So it was really important for Quantum Of Solace director Marc Forster to make sure his installment lived up to the pressure and the hype.

Sadly, I feel like Quantum Of Solace had all the makings of a great James Bond film, but somehow fell short.  It wasn’t that I hated the film, because I didn’t, but I knew that I could get up and stop watching the film and not be phased by missing any part of it.

Without a doubt the car chase in the beginning was probably the best overall action part in the film.  However, the last scene where Bond must save Camille (Olga Kurylenko) from a roaring fire came across as really cheesy.

As for the quality of the Blu-ray, it was impeccable.  I was immersed in all aspects of what was going on in the film because the picture and quality were so beautiful and dynamic.  The title sequence was really slick and appealing to the eye.  It was both beautiful and sharp, as well as indicative of the isolation Bond undergoes in this film, which went along perfectly with the general themes of QoS.  However, I really disliked the title sequence song, Another Way To Die written and performed by Jack White and sung with Alicia Keys.  It just felt odd and out of place.

quantum of solace blu ray1 Quantum Of Solace Blu ray Review

This is a list of QoS‘s Special Features:

  • “Bond on Location” 24-minute Special Feature
  • Start of Shooting
  • On Location
  • Olga Kurylenko and the Boat Chase
  • Director Marc Forster
  • The Music
  • Crew Files
  • Jack White & Alicia Keys “Another Way to Die” Music Video
  • Theatrical Trailers

Like the rest of this film, the special features did not really feel that special.  It was an amalgamation of promotional clips that I had already seen prior to the release of the film.  I suppose if you were really interested in the different sites and locations in which the film was made you could enjoy a small aspect of the Special Features, but overall they were a giant disappointment.  Most of them were things you could have found online right before or after the release of the film.

From a technical aspect the picture and audio quality were incredible, but the overall lackluster story and the emphasis on Bond as a tortured man out to get revenge made the movie come across as silly.  Bond ends up losing all his credibility as an Intelligence Agent because in most of the film he’s not suavely seducing the ladies, but acting like one of them.  The movie is worth a watch because it’s entertaining enough, but it certainly did not live up to the expectations set by Casino Royale.

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  1. Isn’t it Casino Royale with an e at the end??

  2. Check check, is this thing on?? lol

  3. Oh, oops, sorry, so it WAS the spam filter, I thought it was something wrong with the browser here at work since I had two different posts and both didn’t show up. Thought that the spam filter would have picked one up but not the other but apparently I said something in it that got them both flagged…

  4. Casino Royale was weak, he never even got the bad guy, this one was dumb, I’m a water terrorist! I didn’t care about any of the bad guys or good guys and the fire scene was cheesy, I hate how the main bad guy put up a 10 min fight when everyone else gets dispatched immediately. I guess I never really was a James Bond fan to begin with, but these don’t impress me at all.

  5. I admit, I was one of those people that hated Daniel Craig before even watching Casino Royale … but then, I converted.
    CR was THE best Bond ever (I normally don’t exaggerate at all, but I don’t think it’s an understatement) and QoS is a complete disgrace to everything Bond.

    I will ignore this film and pretend that whatever comes next is the follow-up to Casino Royale.

    You should too!

  6. Yeah I musta said something bad too cause my messages arent up, all I said was I never liked james bond and these are no different, well in a much meaner and funnier way.

  7. uh

  8. Hey guys, I don’t know WHY the spam filter caught your comments, but they’re live now.

    And jeez, how did I miss the typos on “Royale” when I was editing it? I guess I didn’t expect it to be misspelled.


  9. I didn’t think QoS was that bad. Not as good as Casino Royale, but it was an entertaining movie.

  10. I’d rather see a Goldfinger or Never Say Never again Blu review!!

    Friggin Goldfinger is on Blu-ray!!!!!!!!!

    QOS was Blah

  11. Yah I’m with David, I think Richard is on drugs, Casino Royale was freakin awesome. QoS… not so much… Marc Forster booo Martin Campbell YAY! They need to bring Campbell back for the next Bond.

  12. Ok, I am convinced, it is CR, whenever you say it, the spam filter blocks the message. Did it to me again.

  13. I am guessing it’s the C part of CR, here’s the test, Royale. If it doesn’t block this, that means it’s blocking that. Probably thinks I am trying to advertise a place where you bet money…

  14. Ken, you’re a freaking genius. I’ve fixed the issue.



  15. Oh we’ll see about that! Casino Royale. Please come to my Casino!

  16. lol, Ken > Spam filter

    As for the movie, it was very disappointing for me. It even had a bad Bond intro :(

  17. I loved Quantum Of Solace. Its (imo) the “Empire Strikes Back” of Bond films.

    I never left,,,790

  18. How did I know when I saw 790 had posted a comment on this thread that he was going to be the one that says he loved Qos? Damn, I should start a psychic service… 😀

  19. I would say it’s more like the Karate Kid 2 of Bond…

  20. Revenge, guns, killing, guns, car chase’s, customized 45’s… T2,,,

    I figured this film would be right up your fan-Base kenny,,,???

  21. Yes, I love it when it has a weak ass plot and has action scenes that mean nothing except to lead to the next pointless action scene, exactly why I loved T3.

  22. QOS, was a revenge film/story.

    Wow if people couldn’t get that basic fact thats pretty sad as both the main charcters had plot motives for revenge.
    I loved the fast paced editing of the film. Its even better on dvd where you can slow it down and really notice the details. “Very nice!”

    Just like Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back…

  23. Damn, one day, us idiots who didn’t like QoS, T3, or Battlefield Earth might rise up to the critical complexity that 790 has reached so long ago. I feel so sorry for myself and we should all pity ourselves. So yes, it is sad, I am sad…

  24. Ken, don’t bring T3 into this!
    “Desire is irrelevant, I am a Machine!” HA!

    The only purpose that Quantum Of Solace brought is that it has cemented Daniel Craig as THE James Bond. I am a Connery fan as well but Craig’s Bond has taken Connery’s and made it much more bad-mon! Something to lines of Denzel in Man On Fire. That kind of bad-mon type.

    Everything else in QOS is just stank! The car chase stank, the fight in the hotel was somewhat decent but stank, Kurylenko’s role was stank. And the Goldfinger homage was stank as well!
    This proves what I have been saying about the Branagh/Thor situation that just because you attach a prolific director in Foster (Finding Neverland, Monster’s Ball, Kite Runner) doesn’t mean it will turn out good. QOS is a good example of this. This film is like it’s theme song, it starts out great, the horns, drums, guitar, etc. Then…

  25. @Ken J

    WTF, dude. Seriously… 790 hasn’t been here in ages and as soon as he says something that you disagree with you drop on him like a ton of bricks?

    I didn’t like Quantum either – the action scenes were IMHO almost impossible to follow (at least the opening car chase and the opera house) and I didn’t like that they turned Bond into nothing more than a revenge-driven murderer. But I don’t have to slam on anyone else’s opinion because they like it.

    You can say WHAT you disagree without personally attacking someone else.

    I like having you here but I’m really getting tired of your confrontational attitude.

    Cool it.


  26. I only just saw QoS last night and I liked it. Not as good as CR, but I’d much rather watch it again than a lot of the older Bonds. Craig is an excellent Bond for me.

    I have to admit to being distracted while watching so I never tried to follow every detail. Like Sabrina says in the article, you could probably go off and come back, and just get sucked into the action.

    Like 790, I got the gist of it. Basically it was closing CR, with unveiling the baddie organisation, and closing the Vesper angle.

    For me I really liked his need for revenge, and then at the end letting the necklace go. The whole thing with Bond was he used women and rarely let his heart go to anyone. This was because in the books the first had him falling utterly in love with Vesper, then losing her.
    Now he has sought revenge and then let go, he will be that cold hearted charmer we used to know.

    Really didn’t like how he beat up three men in a lift (elevator) with his hands cuffed, and the chase across the roofs came too soon after the car chase opening. SHould have just shot him and then moved on to Bond and M talking.

    But overall I liked it.

  27. Personally I’m looking forward to the NEXT film with the hope that we see a bit more of the classic Bond in it after these two establishing films.

    I’m more than ready for a smooth, suave Bond again. And some action scenes I can actually follow.


  28. I liked the opening song with Jack White. I’d have loved it if Alicia Keys had not had any part of it. It’s got a strong riff with a White Stripes feel, but Alicia Keys just sounded nasal and annoying.

  29. Friggen Goldfinger is on Blu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!