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Short version: Quantum of Solace is the best James Bond film in over a decade.

quantum of solace reviews Quantum Of Solace Review
Screen Rant’s Niall Browne reviews Quantum of Solace

As a life long James Bond fan I always look forward to new adventures from the super-spy. My very first cinematic memory is watching Roger Moore’s final outing as Bond in A View To A Kill, and my teenage years and early twenties were filled with Pierce Brosnan’s daring-do.

When the Broccoli family ditched Brosnan in favor of the younger, more rugged Daniel Craig I was a bit annoyed (to say the least). Although I was a tad skeptical that Daniel Craig had what it took to slip into the tuxedo, I will admit that I was more worried about EON’s idea to reboot Bond for the Bourne generation. Over the years the character of James Bond has been constantly reinvented, without having to start all over again.

In my opinion Casino Royale was an adequate beginning for a harsher and more realistic Bond, but its bloated running time; generic soundtrack and tacked-on finale left me hoping that the next film in the series would deliver the type of James Bond film that I wanted.

So… how does Quantum of Solace measure up?

It surpasses its predecessor in almost every way and delivers the best Bond film in over a decade.

Shorter and more action packed, Quantum of Solace is a James Bond film for the new millennium. Unlike Brosnan’s swan song Die Another Day, the CGI is limited, and unlike Casino Royale the film doesn’t try to be too hip and trendy. From the pulsating opening car chase – you know that you are watching Bond, and like the older movies in the series you feel that it is the end of another adventure (it is) and not a piece of grandstanding from the second unit and stunt departments.

Picking up mere minutes after Royale’s climax the film hits the ground running (literally) and delivers action sequence after action sequence. Don’t worry though, unlike many action movies today this doesn’t feel like sensory overload – just damn good entertainment.

The plot is simple: Bond wants to discover more about the mysterious Quantum organization following his capture of Mr White. He also wants to get revenge for the death of his one true love Vesper from the previous film. Jet-setting across the Atlantic he finds that rogue environmentalist Mr Greene (Mathieu Amalric) has an affiliation with the evil group and whilst tailing Greene he meets Camille – a beautiful but deadly killer who wants revenge on one of Greene’s associates.

It feels like Marc Forster went into directing Quantum of Solace with a checklist of greatest hits from other Bond movies: car chase – check; boat chase – check; roof top chase – check. There are a couple more I could add but I don’t want to spoil the film – in any case you can bet they’re in there. What’s miraculous is that it all feels fresh and very real.

Forster also manages to bring back Bond’s weapon of choice – the Walther PPK for the first time in years. There’s even a death of a character that harkens back to Goldfinger. It’s all classic Bond, but it all feels relevant, despite what Mike Myers says.

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4 out of 5

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  1. “unlike Casino Royale the film doesn’t try to be too hip and trendy”

    Woah, what? Casino Royale: a slower pace, a large chunk (of an action movie!) devoted to a card game, a love (rather than lust) story (in an action film!), good old fashioned tripod-mounted camerawork… vs QoS: faster than a speeding bullet, packed with Bourne-a-like camerawork that obscures as much of what’s going on as possible…

    I liked QoS. It wasn’t as good as Casino Royale. And it was definitely the one of the pair trying its hardest to be Now.

  2. 1. Connery

    2. Craig

    3. Brosnan

    I loved Casino Royale even though I agree that it was too long.
    I’m a big fan of Craig (ever since Layer Cake ) and I think he is terrific as Bond. QOS looks like a lot of fun , I’m excited to see it.

  3. I havent seen The new film yet
    but I do think when we look at both of them ,
    We have to remember this is essentially the first two part Bond adventure .
    They go together .
    you cant have one without the other.
    Now that Bond undoubtedly has his revenge we will see Q and Moneypenny next time.

  4. Yea I heard about the theme music being hung on the end of the movie. So, should I load John Barry into the nano and take it along?

  5. Good review. I don’t agree with you entirely. Craig is super but I thought the action-direction was quite flawed – particularly in the first-half (more Bourne than Bourne and confusing as a result). Different director next time but definitely more required :)

  6. It’s really interesting the way you view Casino Royale. Im in total agreement. While I like many things in it, I felt it was bloated. I also felt detached from it for the first 40 minutes of it’s running time. I grew up on Roger Moore so It’s hard to get used to the character volid of humor. Still Im looking forward to this new Bond film!

  7. This is great news. However I’m kinda surprised it didn’t get 5 stars ???

    What’s the bad part of the best Bond film in the last deacade ???

  8. 1. Roger Moore

    2. Connery

    3. Brosnan

  9. 1. Connery
    2. Craig
    3. Moore


  10. Very nice comment about DC being the Bond for the Bourne generation; it was needed though. My first in-the-theater bond movie was TSWLM. By the time PB came along, I would not even watch Bond even if it were on TV. PB was the worst bond of all. The scripts were to blame for sure, but also, he turned the role into Magnum PI. Flat out boring. Even RD was better imho.

    1. DC
    2. SC
    2. RM (it’s what I grew up on)

  11. My favs

    1- Moore
    2- Craig
    3- Connery

    The order could change in 2 weeks,,,

  12. this is completely wrong. just thought you should know.

  13. Josh what’s the prob bro? 😎

  14. Just an FYI…it’s “derring do,” not “daring.”

  15. 1) Lazenby
    2) Craig
    3) Connery

  16. James Bond movies are always in good quality. If you summarize it by saying it’s the best James Bond movie ever, I’m dying to watch it now!

  17. wow. this is possibly the worst review i have ever read.

  18. will watch it for sure …
    have always been a bond fan … cannt miss it … !!!

  19. Haha. This is a very badly written review.

    “It feels like Marc Forster went into directing Quantum of Solace with a checklist of greatest hits from other Bond movies: car chase – check; boat chase – check; roof top chase – check.”

    That’s a checklist of action movie cliches, not greatest hits. πŸ˜›

  20. And Q is never walking plot exposition. Walking gadget exposition, maybe, but he’s usually as far removed from the plot of the movie as possible.

  21. Joe,

    You can spell it both ways! :-)


    You can have your opinion on my review (much like I did on the film) but take it easy bro. I have feelings!

    I don’t like to throw 5 stars around. 4 is a great movie. 5 is for something really special.


  22. I’m really looking forward to seeing this film. I love the trailer being shown on TV. Really cool!

  23. Uh, I’m sorry. I couldn’t get past the terrible, cliche ridden, every review I’ve ever read writing to notice what you said about the movie. Seriously, you started with the “I’ve been a fan since 1984″ crap. Yeesh.

  24. @DrRock

    Yet you managed to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page in order to leave a nasty comment.



  25. What’s all the negative bs about this review ???
    We’re lucky to be even reading this, the film dosnt come out for 2 weeks in the States.
    I’m for one thankfull that Niall posted this review,,,!!!

    I can’t wait for this film now!!!

  26. @790

    I cleaned up your comment just a bit. FYI, this post made the front page of Digg, and Diggers are not known for being the nicest people on the planet.

    Think AICN “talkbackers” but with less cursing. :-)


  27. Wow, I can’t believe all the negativity about Niall’s review. Come on, guys, it’s his opinion.

    Niall, thank you for that review. I’ll be sure to add QoS to my list of movies-to-see.

  28. Too much action but the storyline carries no genuine weight.

    Feels like somebody wrote a load of stunts and then decided to hang a plot around them.

    Nothing original about it except the closing scene.

    Craig still makes a credible Bond but why not give him a chance to give substance to the character.

    Only ONE memorable sequence and that was predictable because there could have been no other outcome.

  29. @Henry

    That’s been the major complaint I’ve heard about the movie: Too much action, not enough story/character development.