New Push Trailer = Heroes: The Movie

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push movie New Push Trailer = Heroes: The Movie

We haven’t heard anything about the upcoming superhero-type movie Push since Comic-Con. Last July they previewed Push the movie and it looked pretty cool. This week a new trailer was unveiled and I don’t want to influence you, but I think it looks pretty damned cool. simple smile New Push Trailer = Heroes: The Movie

With all he debate raging regarding whether this season’s Heroes is good or not, I’ll be curious to hear what your thoughts are on this trailer. To me it looks like they took a pretty similar concept and turned it into a feature film.

It stars Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans (who played the Human Torch in Fantastic Four), Camilla Belle, and Djimon Hounsou.

Check it out for yourself:


For higher-res versions head over to

I’d provide a link to the official site for the movie, but they don’t even have a “coming soon” page for it – right now it’s page: Fail.

Push opens on February 9, 2009.

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  1. Nah – it’s THE TOMORROW PEOPLE without the barrier of “non-violence” and a decent budget.

  2. First half of the trailer I really didn’t like – second half the opposite.

    I wonder who wrote this script – it takes the word ‘obvious’ and ‘ripoff’ to a whole new level, lol. (from the trailer anyways)

    Division? hmm…kinda like ‘the company’ I think.

    nevertheless, the last action sequences were pretty sweet.

  3. It was written by David Bourla who has not written much worth noting.


  4. wow, Heroes is getting a movie Yay!!!!!!!!! lol i was actually hoping Heroes would get a movie one day, this isnt what i expected.

  5. @Bill Cunningham

    HaHaHa, man you have to be form the UK, it is just like “The Tomorrow People”.

    Seeing how I don’t think any Americans would know about it, makes it a perfect thing to steal just as they always do.

    Going by your website I’d say you saw it in 73′

  6. Heroes Meets Jumper.

  7. So why hasn’t “The Tomorrow People” been remade? Sure Americans know about the “Tomorrow People.” They ripped Jaunting off from Alfred Bester the well known author of “The Stars My Destination.” Which is in development Hell, I believe..

    The question is aGeneral, do you know about “The Escape Of R.D.7?” If you know that then in what movie was it that a rampaging robot is seen coming down a flight of stairs, making that same awful sound that the original “Terminator” made, metal on metal with a click sound, is chasing some women. Some men burst in the room, the robot is at the base of the stairs, the women scream, a guy uses a handgun on the robot the robot fires a death ray at the guy, then the guys that burst in, use some fancy gizmo and the robot is disabled.
    ha haaa, get that one.

  8. P.S. It Ain’t “Target Earth.” Although, it sure reminds you of it.

  9. Oh please. Do you really think HEROES is original? Most things are rip-offs of other things, but just because you’re most familiar with a overly hyped cable television show doesn’t make it the motherland of all “hero” genre.

    At least try to figure out what it really mirrors (aka, the Tomorrow People, as previously mentioned, and probably countless other movies, scripts, or books).

    And don’t even get me started on the “Jumper” comment…


  10. jeez, whats all the whinning about ?
    it looks like a fun movie :)

  11. @KG

    If you are referring to me, the author of this post, pardon me for not being familiar with every single piece of literature, TV show and movie EVER created.

    No need to come on here and be rude. Kick it up a notch and you’ll find your comments deleted before they see the light of day.


  12. @ aGeneral – Actually I saw some of it in the early days of cable television here in the states – back when “I want my MTV” was an original statement and the second wave of brit bands weren’t hitting radio but video.

    It was on Nickelodeon here and I remember thinking that “This is kind of like Dr. Who, but not…” A great concept never fully realized in either version of the show (70’s and early 90’s remake).

    I always thought it would be ripe for a reboot as it touched on many of the concepts that X-MEN developed in a different way. Youtube has several of the episodes up for viewing.

    It is sometimes cringeworthy but fun. I’ll go see PUSH and hope that they somehow “pull” it all off…

  13. Vic,

    No, it was not directed at you and I apologize for not making a distinction. I actually agreed with your post pretty wholeheartedly. I was responding to the other comments about it being simply a rip off of Heroes or Jumper without any other acknowledgment that it could be an okay movie on it’s own merits. I had just come from imdb where there were nothing but the same accusations again and again and I might have gone a little gung-ho on defensive mode.

    Sorry if it seemed somewhat abrasive but I don’t think I was horrendously out of line, or at least hardcore enough to generate a threat of deleting my comments. I would hope you delete comments that are overtly rude or unnecessary, but I didn’t really think I fell into that category (though it is your post and your decision and I respect that).

    Again, I’m sorry for how it may have seemed or come across. I just wanted to make the point that there are very few “original” ideas in Hollywood anymore. Almost everything is based off of a preceding ripple in the pool of movie ideas and I think it deserves a chance to at least be released before being called a movie version of heroes (as someone else also said, whereas you at least acknowledged that it could be, but it could also NOT be). There was no vendetta here, I promise.

  14. @KG

    No worries and it’s good to have you here.

    Sorry if I was a little rough, but sometimes we get commenters here who start with a post like that and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m very strict about maintaining civility here on the site.

    Best regards,


  15. The problem with what your Saying KG is that no one is saying it’s going to be bad. We are saying that it looks like a movie version of Heroes. A lot of us like heroes or at least liked the first season. That in it’s self is not an insult. Heroes was a television rip off of X-men. We are just pointing out the obvious fact that it’s similar.

  16. I don’t get the Jumper reference but this looks like a good popcorn flick. There are many movies about characters with super powers, so I would say this is just another one of those movies. Of course, most of the time these types of movies don’t have soo many characters with super powers; can this be the start of a trend (Avengers, Justice League (PLEASSSSSEEEE :-) )?

  17. “A genetic anomaly allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between “Jumpers” and those who have sworn to kill them.”

    A secret agency that knows about people with special ability’s and hunts them down. How do you not get that?

  18. Well… Instead of hiding behind a keyboard I went out to see this flick with the wife and kids. It was entertaining and we all enjoyed ourselves.

    So despite what you think you know. My kids sat quiet for 90 min without arguing or fighting. I think the movie did just what it was intended to do, entertain.

  19. @Steph

    Well I’m glad you’re not hiding behind a keyboard and getting out once in a while. :-)