Punisher: War Zone Update

Published 6 years ago by , Updated September 12th, 2013 at 9:23 pm,

Director Lexi Alexander has updated her blog with a new post talking about the military background of Frank Castle (played by Ray Stevenson). She highlights an interview with the production’s military adviser, real life hero Sergeant Jonathan Barton.

We’ve got few excerpts from the interview below, but you can head over to her site for the whole thing.

In her interview, Lexi talked about what she wanted Castle’s background to be in the film:

“We wanted to be very close to Frank Castle’s original biography, so I asked you [JB] to make him look like he spent some time in every branch of the Military before he became a renown Force Recon/Special Ops instructor.”

When Barton was asked what it was like to work on Punisher: War Zone

“Working on the new Punisher, from a Marine’s POV, was a dream come true! The Punisher, as a character, has a huge Marine Corps following. He represents the harder side of the Marine Corps. In Iraq my squad and I would spray paint the SKULL on  anything we could find!”

Again, based on the production, it seems like this should be a good movie – but that doesn’t always turn out to be the case in the final product. I’d love for this thing to turn out great and leave all its troubles behind, but we won’t know until Punisher: War Zone opens on December 5th.

For the full interview, head on over to LexiAlexandar.com.

Thanks to Screen Rant reader Kevin for alerting us to the news!

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  1. I think they have explained the whole lighting thing, and it’s not some weird scheme, it was simply the type of lighting they were supposed to have outside the building shining in, because in the shots of inner rooms without windows, the lighting seemed normal to me.

    But anyway, I don’t know anything about the director, but I’m sure they were saying the same thing when they hired David Fincher to do Se7en after he did Alien 3…

  2. I can also say on the flip side, I didn’t need to see a Tim Story movie to know he wasn’t the right choice for the Fantastic Four films.

    I have seen Alexander’s work and I thought they were pretty unimpressive.

  3. I’ve seen Lexi’s stuff and I can tell you that she is terrible. Some of the worst films I have seen in the last few years. Though to be fair my opinion is probably a little skewed because her 13 fans on the internet hyped them up so much that I watched. I was very let down. They simply were not good or even close to.

  4. Hello, Daniel F. So nice to see you, representing the haters.

    Exactly which films of Lexi Alexander have you seen? I think only two of her three directorial efforts are available: Green Street Hooligans and the Academy Award nominated short, Johnny Flynton.

  5. Damn Daniel, how rude of you to bad talk Lexi when you know she’s right here pretending to be this Nomad person… :-P

    I am going to ignore what Rampage said and keep pretending that you are her, lol.

    I’ve personally never seen any of her movies so I don’t really have an opinion on that…

  6. AHAHAHA! Honestly, the only things Lexi and I share is our gender and our facialist. In fact, I have reason to believe Lexi is annoyed with me because of a letter from a friend of mine that I posted all over the internet and which did not reflect Lexi’s views. So I don’t think she’d be too thrilled to have me mistaken for her. Ah, well, win some, lose some. ;)

  7. Well, I’ve seen her stuff and didn’t particularly like what I saw. And after reading her version of the script, I believe she was the wrong person for the job. It was just cliche upon cliche in it to me.

  8. That would be too bad because from a casting perspective, I think she found the best person for the role of Frank Castle. Maybe if it does turn out bad and they do another “reboot” they would go the route of Superman and keep Ray Stevenson. Hopefully if that happens Marvel gets the rights to Punisher so they could choose the production team instead of Lionsgate.

  9. The last thing we want is for Marvel to produce a Punisher film. Marvel has said they wish to produce only PG films.

    Please don’t take Mike’s comments about the script too seriously. The shooting script has not yet been leaked as far as I know. What Mike read was what we have all read; Lexi’s first draft from June, 2007. There were several re-writes after that. What Mike refers to doesn’t even bear on it the names of the other writers.

  10. Actually I believe it was Kevin Feige suggested Stevenson, who knows who could have been cast if not for that?

    The only way Marvel would make an R rated movie is with another studio. So maybe if they get the rights back they’ll do it with a studio that gives a crap about making a quality film.

    And yeah there were two rewrites, one from Marcum and Holloway and another by Alexander. Near as I can tell there was only some dialouge added/changed (which is done in most rewrites, so that’s obvious), name changes and some action was changed.

    There wasn’t some massive page one rewrite, after Jane left they went back to the earlier rejected Nick Santora draft, Alexander rewrote that, Marcum and Holloway did there punch up and Alexander did her own before shooting started.

    And while there maybe some changes, the core of the script still remains the same and well I think it’s crap.

  11. Yes, Stevenson was being considered for the role of the villain in Hulk that eventually went to Tim Roth. So Feige suggested Stevenson to Lexi. She watched 5 minutes of Rome and knew Ray was her Frank Castle.

    So Mike, when did you read this completed script that you think is crap?

  12. I guess I worded it wrong, I meant to say was while there were changes done since the Alexander draft, from the looks of it the core of that version seems pretty intact.

    You can’t polish a turd.

  13. I don’t know Mike. Most of the people who have seen the script or have insider information on Terminator Salvation says it’s pretty good. That includes Christian Bale apparently since he’s doing the film. And that was originally written by the same people who wrote Terminator 3… So we KNOW the original script was garbage, but apparently they rewrote it to something decent.

    So who knows, even if you didn’t like the original, it could be OK after the rewrites…

  14. Yeah, that’s kind of different though as they have the option (and are using it) of having Jonathan Nolan writing the script on set.

    Because of the writers strike, on set rewrites weren’t an option on War Zone, so they were stuck with the script they had on November 5. And I just have no faith in the people behind this film.

  15. Yadda, yadda, yadda. The strike began Nov 2nd and the PWZ script was LONG finished by then. Shooting

  16. …Oops…wrong button! Shooting began 22 October, so the strike didn’t impact PWZ in the slightest. The real issue, Mike, is your lack of faith. But don’t pass that off as opinion based on knowledge, coz knowledge is something you don’t have, do you?

  17. Yadda, yadda, yadda. The scripts were bad, no matter what was done to them. The story and the characters motivations/actions seem to be the same from the Alexander draft.

    I’m willing to guess at least 90% of the shooting script is from Lexi Alexander’s draft. So it’s crap.

  18. Yes October 22 to December 14. The second week of filming was the beginning of the strike. So it did impact War Zone.

  19. I have knowledge of the behind the scenes of this film when it was still a sequel, do you Nomad?

  20. Let me try this REAL slow, Mike.




    Get it?

  21. Well, I’ll concede it didn’t effect the film, the script was crap anyway.

    But, do you get how, having the option to change a script while filming is important and can help a film.

  22. No, Mike. And the film YOU HAD knowledge of is NOT the film under discussion here. The film you had knowledge of is dead, apparently never to be resurrected.

    The film *I* have behind-the-scenes knowledge about, Mike, is THIS one:

    Punisher War Zone.

  23. Yes, so do I. I was following this movie when it was still a sequel, when it became a reboot kept following.

  24. Following a movie does not constitute having behind-the-scenes information.

    And the opinions of needy young men with fixations on directors and actors from the previous film do not constitute behind-the-scenes information.

    Nor do the sad musings of said actor once attached to the film that was never made constitute behind-the-scenes information.

    Methinks, Mike, that you are a disgruntled, very loyal fan of this sad actor and, therefore, your “opinions” are a tad suspect.

    In any case, all this will come out in the wash on 05 December, when Vengeance is HIS!

  25. Yes, I’m a fan of Thomas Jane. But first and foremost I’m a fan of the character that is called the Punisher. Jane left and that sucks, he has a right to be pissed off a little, considering how hard he worked to try get a sequel made. And Ray Stevenson is a good actor and fine replacement, it’s just about everything else about this movie, that is wrong.

    I can also see your being a fan of Ray Stevenson makes your “opinions” a tad suspect. Like I said I’m coming at this as a fan of the character, which if memory serves correct, the only reason you even started to read up on the Punisher was because of Stevenson getting the role.

  26. I don’t promise a great film the way you guarantee a turd, Mike. I just HOPE for a great film, am excited about the POSSIBILITY of a great film but reserve final judgement for when I see the finished product.

    I don’t see any relevence to anything coming from WHY I became a Punisher fan. Tom Jane didn’t know a thing about the Punisher until he was offered the role. So that I didn’t know anything about it until Stevenson was cast is hardly compromising of me.

    The more relevent point is that, once I came to the Punisher, I educated myself so I could better judge how well Frank Castle was realised on film.

    The last two efforts were abyssmal failures, and plenty of Jane fans and Punisher fans think so. Even Jane has expressed his disappointment in the film he was a part of.

    So we move on. Most of us do, at any rate.

    I noticed you didn’t argue with anything I wrote about behind-the-scenes information. I take that as an admission that you do not, in fact, know anybody intimately connected with Punisher War Zone, neh?

  27. If there was a different director, things would probably be different. I just can’t get behind the creative team. It just looks like a cartoonish, cliched action film, and that’s not want from a Punisher movie.

    Being on the east coast, no I don’t know anyone intimately connected to the film. but I’ve been following it the best I could.

  28. I’ve seen all of her films Nomad. They invented this neat thing called the internet where you can manage to find all sorts of films.

  29. Sorry to any fans, but Tom Jane was a horrible Punisher. The character as well as the movie itself. He didn’t look the slightest bit like what the Punisher should look like.

    I wouldn’t mind him for Captain America, but he doesn’t look like Frank Castle.