First Punisher: War Zone Trailer!

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punisher war zone First Punisher: War Zone Trailer!

Courtesy of comes the first trailer for Punisher: War Zone (aka Punisher 2), directed by Lexi Alexander and starring Ray Stevenson as the title character.

The similarities to what they’re doing for this Punisher reboot and what they’ve done with Hulk is uncanny. It’s the same situation: Marvel movies that didn’t do that great first time around, essentially rebooted to do the second time what they should have done initially: Keep the feel much closer to the comic book source material.

You can check out the first Punisher trailer below.


I like this trailer a LOT. It strikes me as what the world of Frank Castle should be like. Dark, gritty and in New York City.

I think that how The Incredible Hulk does at the box office will be a good indicator of how this Punisher reboot will do, so it will be interesting to follow the numbers on both movies.

If you want to see the trailer in much higher res/HD head over to

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  1. wow, im impressed.

    It has a darker Blade 1 feel to it. What’s with the Boondock Saints hanging from the roof scene though, that seemed like it was the focus of the trailer, lol.

    I’m definately gonna see this movie after this trailer. I was pretty upset with the Tom Jane thing but this looks promising

  2. LOVE the Punisher outfit, its either a nice new take on it, or a dug up alternate that was awesome. Either way, thats what makes it ok for me that they switched to Ray.

  3. I on the other hand am not impressed with this trailer, not at all. And I have a good feeling this may flop. The whole “Punisher” concept has been done to death. It’s the “been there, done that” mentality in most of the public. It was a critical bomb, and only made $33 million domestically (The budget was $33 mil) and made only $20 mil more overseas. So this wasn’t a successful film by box office standards.

    All in all, I don’t think this will perform well.

  4. Ashar,

    Your more than likely right in that it will not be a huge blockbuster hit, I mean Ray Stevenson isn’t exactly A-list, hehe, and the punisher idea isn’t the most widely enjoyed concept either (Brave one and Death Sentence both didn’t fair that well in theatres either)

    However, I do think this movie will turn a good profit. I think its scheduled to come out on its own that weekend if I remember correctly and propper marketing and cool trailers will being my age generation out.

    It’s a lower budget Marvel film, however its paying homage to its character (finally Marvel, geesh) so I think it’ll be pretty solid in theatres.

  5. I read the script, it has stupid stuff in it, and looking at this trailer it looks like it didn’t get changed. Jane aside, they got good actors in this and that’s about it, hopefully the director didn’t f up with the performances.

    Also, I’m not feeling the neon lighting either, it looks like a SAW movie. Say what you will of the last movie at least it didn’t look like a Direct-to-DVD feature.

  6. Rob, I agree with you. If marketed correctly this may show a small profit. But for me, when you replace a good actor, with a “meh” actor. It’s not a good omen. Unlike Incredible Hulk, they replaced a good actor with a good actor.

    Now, I will see the film. I just hope there is some qualitative grade to the film.

    But only time will tell. Doing a reboot of a not-so-profitable franchise may not have been one of Marvel’s wisest ideas to date.

  7. Considering this one has a bit of a lower budget than the ’04 film, it’ll make money.

    And like SAW, Lions Gate will probably start milking the franchise cheap and fast.

  8. Also, the ’04 wasn’t really a failure, Jane was set to be in this for like 4 years. Only after, he couldn’t take the crappy scripts anymore did he drop out, and then the powers that be decided to do a reboot.

  9. I thought the trailer was pretty cool. I will be going to see it. But then I liked the last Punisher movie, too.

    Of course, I am not as nitpicky as ALOT of the people here are…. :P

  10. good call Mike V,

    Lionsgate are the masters at semi-indepedent films and like Saw, Im sure they will make this into a set of movies seeing how all the actors would be easy to sign long term (if they haven’t included that into their contracts already)

    I dont think Marvel cares in terms of this character because he’s aimed at the adults, its cheap to make, and they dont really need to do anything except earn a little royalty and branding from someone else doing what they wouldn’t do themselves.

  11. Yeah, Marvel has said they don’t plan on making any R-rated films on their own. If they did it would be a co-production like with War Zone.

    Knowing what movie Jane wanted to make, and seeing this trailer, it’s a good thing he dropped out.

  12. Well that was kinda underwhelming. I liked the Tom Jane film but after seeing this, I get why he didn’t want to do it. It really does look like a direct-to-dvd film. Reminds me of the “Substitute” films. The big screen Tom Berenger was good while the DTD sequels were “ehh.” Hope its good but the next trailer is gonna have to “wow” me.

  13. it does look like a direct-to-dvd movie. i think past punisher movies are all okay, in their own way, none(this one i think included) have realy captured the character just right, but it might still be a good movie. jigsaw came out in the white suit right? i honestly liked jane more than stevenson(sp?) as far as the in-costume look.

  14. gotta go see this

  15. Well, I’m not getting a good feel for this one. To me, the trailer looked like a straight to DVD movie. I kept thinking, Rodrigez (Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico) would have been the perfect director for this movie.

  16. Who misplaced our optimists?

    Reading the directors notes for this movie it was said that some (I remember reading a lot, but just to be safe..) scenes were filmed in snow– so where are those scenes in the trailer? The director had said that those were her favourite scenes besides the final one where they were in a condemned building– a building that the entire crew had to wear protective gear in!

    Dunno about you all, but it sounds like this trailer isn’t doing the film justice at all.

    Also, when it comes to marketing and whatnot for this movie, you guys have got to remember how much Punisher stuff you saw around weeks after the ’04 left theatres. I swear all those little rocker kiddies were wearing the stuff. And on that, The Punisher is the only gritty movie that will be in with TDK in stores like Spencers and Hot Topic; don’t think they forgot how good those items sold.

    One last note: Kahless, don’t give up on Lexi just yet, this is her movie to get noticed and I don’t think she’ll give that up.


  17. This movie is going to be much better than the Thomas Jane one. It seems to be much darker than the first. It has the same coloring in the background that Blade 2 had with the yellow nights.

  18. This Punisher reminds me of Tim Bradstreet’s Punisher from the Max Comics

  19. When you first see Jigsaw in the White suit the name of the building he is in front of is called Brad Street Hotel and that is based on the name of one of the artist Tim Bradstreet.

  20. Not impressed in the least but I think they made a big mistake here…I smell the cheese already…”God, sometimes I wish I could get my hands on him…” Geez What the hell is that supposed to be…

  21. I guess Thomas Jane made a really smart move parting company with Lionsgate on this one…Smartest man in the room so to speak…At least he understood the character and how he was hoping the character was going to evolve.

  22. Hey hey, don’t bring sex into this. Samm Barnes has done great work with Dr. Strange and Spidey or Nocenti(sp?) for the Dare Devil.

    Besides, Lexi is a martial artist champion, if I remember right– and she reportedly read all of the War Zone / Punisher comics she could get her hands on.

    I think she’ll pull through.


  23. “Have you seen the other movie she directed…”

    Sounds to me you don’t think she ever caught it.

    I’m just saying that with the two extreme differences in genre she could actually be a decent director. I do have to say, though, a big part of me likes the idea of a chick director bringing down the house with a Punisher movie. So far all of them have sucked– maybe she’ll be the differences that the title needs.


  24. SHe probably will evolve into a great director and she seems nice enough on her website but I think she dropped the ball and we have another bad punisher film…

  25. I dont think straight-to-dvd action sequences look anything of the quality of what we see in this trailer.

  26. Good calls in the comments, about the low budget look of this flick… a little more cash spent to make this joint look more noir would have gone a long way. But then again, I guess its hard to get investors riled up for a threequel in what’s pretty much been a non-starter franchise.
    Oh, the schlockiness!