New Punisher War Zone Clip: A ‘Thank You’ Or Damage Control?

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punisher war zone small New Punisher War Zone Clip: A Thank You Or Damage Control?With less than two months to go before the opening of Punisher: War Zone, things are starting to happen on the marketing front for the movie.

A few days ago the official website for the film was revamped and after that a new lenticular poster for the movie was revealed.

Now (thanks to Screen Rant reader “Rampage”) we have a new, never before seen clip from the movie.

Not only is it a series of connected scenes from the film, but there’s also an introduction by sometimes maligned, sometimes defended director Lexi Alexander. In it she thanks for fans’ for their “positive reinforcement and commitment to Frank Castle and his mythology.”

She delivers her message from the edit bay, apparently confirming that she was not removed from the film. At one point it was rumored that the Punisher: War Zone would get a PG-13 rating (since debunked) and also that Lexi had been kicked off the production due to mishandling the film according to the studio (also debunked, and confirmed by the video below).

Since this has all turned out to be B.S., I tend to wonder if these things were the idea of some misguided marketing type who thought it would bring “viral” attention to a movie destined to attract a narrow audience. If that was the case, as far as I’m concerned it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth for the whole thing.

Having said all that, although I’m not a big Punisher fan, while only a couple of days ago I said I wasn’t optimistic about this movie, the more I see of this film the more it looks like it’s much more true to the comic book than the previous film. Check out the clip for yourself:


Just based on the trailers and clips, I’m not a huge fan of the red-tinged monochromatic look, but maybe it’s only in certain scenes and will fit within the context of the entire film.

Punisher: War Zone opens on December 5th.

Thanks again to “Rampage,” a regular over at the Punisher forum site

What do you guys think? Is this looking any better to you? Or does this little clip reek of damage control?

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  1. No, this isn’t damage control. This is Lexi’s victory trot around the track. Some of those infamous “insiders” tell me that the producer went begging to Lexi to come back and finish the film because the producer was having no success in getting it done for herself. I suppose one can credit the producer with being willing to humble herself for the sake of the film but, had she had Lexi’s back from the beginning, none of this nonsense would likely have occurred…at least not so publicly. In any case, it seems to be over now, and we can look forward to a great film. I truly believe in Lexi’s vision for the film. And Ray Stevenson, from all accounts, is simply transcendant as Frank Castle!


  2. Hey Nomad, nice to have you back. :-)

    Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much dirty laundry aired during the production of a film as I have with this one…


  3. Thanks for the welcome, Vic. The production itself went very well, from all acounts. Lexi runs a good ship, I hear. And her cast and crew were all on board and working well together. It was in post when the stuff hit the fan. As they say, “stuff” happens! Welcome to Hollyweird!

  4. I don’t run the GPA, lol. It’s my own fault (not yours) for confusing you though.

    It’s a site I like “rep,” but a guy named “Kevin” (or Neo AA) is the webmaster.

  5. Vic said: “I’m not a huge fan of the red-tinged monochromatic look, but maybe it’s only in certain scenes and will fit within the context of the entire film.”

    It certainly looks to be a contextual scene. It gives me the impression that it’s the beginning of dusk outside. By the time the bad guys get blown out of the window though, the sun has set. It either gives you the impression that they didn’t get the lighting correct when doing the window blow-out effect, or the fire fight went on long enough that the sun went down, or blocked by trees, or something like that.

  6. @Rampage

    Thanks for the correction. I’ve changed the post but left the plug for the site. :-)


  7. I also want to stress that it is not a viral campaign, a phrase that should never be uttered with regard to the events behind the scenes of this film. Lionsgate is absolutely using this as damage control, but there’s no reason to think Lexi isn’t thanking the fans. There’s no doubt they did try to end the relationship with Alexander early, but due to fan demmand brought her back to work with the studio on the post-production process.

    And I think it’s great that they did it. They were pretty close to screwing it all up and have made the right decision.

    Why would you describe Lexi as “maligned?” Because axe-grinder Dougie Brimson whom she worked with once had a falling out with her?

  8. Dougie Brimson notwithstanding (who knows WHAT ax he was grinding!), Lexi was maligned plenty when that infamous “insider” said she had a Jekyll-Hyde personality and accused her of having “hissy fits,” I believe was the expression, all to justify kicking her to the curb. I’m surprised you, of all people, forgot that!

  9. It looked yellow-tinted to me. Oh well.

    I’d be inclined to write it off as having a lot of mercury-vapor streetlights outside.

  10. According to Steve Gainer, Director of Photography, mercury vapor street lighting is exactly what it is, Ironghost.


  11. I had one outside my apartment so I’m very familiar with that glow. I think it’s burned into my brain. :)

  12. @ Nomad I doubt there was any begging for her to come back, unless she made a movie so confusing that only she was able to follow it and piece everything together.

    The truth probably lies somewhere in between, there was probably some fighting with the studio (as most films probably have) and new editors were brought on board. But, I honestly think she never got kicked off the thing at all really.

    And watching it unless the scene has been chopped up specially for the website, the editing seems frantic and a bit off anyway.

  13. hmm…the colouring of the scene wasn’t pleasant and I thought the score not only didn’t fit but it sounded kinda cheap.

    That scene where he approaches a door with 10 guys on the other side should be amazing and more dynamic…the music really took away from that and they could of done much more.

    I’m a little worried now.

  14. I think Nomad IS Lexi Alexander… But that’s just my theory. I won’t say any more… *wink* *wink* ;-)

  15. I don’t like the music a lot in that clip, maybe it’s not final, and the firearms sound WAY too quite.Obviously they can’t deafen the audience like real gunfire would indoors, but at least give it some thump to get the feel of the power behind every shot.

    But watching Ray Stevenson single-handedly take out a large number of people is nothing new if you’ve watched Rome, lol.

  16. Wow, that was some pretty bad grammar in that first sentence… What I meant to say is that I don’t really like the music from that clip… And I meant quiet, not quite… Anyway…

  17. i think it look sweet RAY is the perfect actor for frank Castle.
    and god knows he’s better than
    dalph lungerein.
    no offensie intended i Love “strago”
    but he was not the best pick for the Skull wear’in vigilantly.

  18. I liked Dolph’s version of the Punisher, not so much the movie. He did a fine job of it. Or, like my late Dad said “He was the only one not cussing in the movie.”

  19. I’d say Ironghost that your spot-on about the lighting issue. :)
    On a second inspection you can discern a blue light source of a search light through the window confirming it’s dark outside.

  20. @Ken J

    I’m sure the gunfire sound effects will be sufficient at the movie theater. :-)


  21. Looks great to me! Better that I thought it would be. MUCH better. I think that they have (from just the clip) dialed-in Frank’s persona during a gunfight. Clever use of color and even the blast at the end. I wouldn’t mind having him on my Avengers’ Team either! – Stark

  22. Can’t wait for this version.. looks good. BUT, that was one real cheesy effect for the explosion. They could do so much better, like I’m sure they will do for the music and gun sounds. Cuz, that sounded nothing like indoor gunfire. Jigsaw looks kinda puny in this though… AH heck I’ll still be in the theater for this one!

  23. Well, this clip isn’t without its problems, but I must say that none of its perceived problems are the fault of Ray Stevenson himself as The Punisher. I think regardless of how good the film is in its entirety, Stevenson will be good in it. He will do his part, let’s hope everyone else does theirs.