Thomas Jane Stars in Unofficial ‘Punisher’ Short Film [Video]

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During the Thor/Captain America panel of Comic-Con 2010, Marvel Studios President of Production confirmed that they had reacquired the film rights to the Punisher franchise. It was later re-confirmed that Marvel had both Punisher and Blade back and were interested in bringing them back in the screen, but there’s still been nothing on the film front from either franchise since 2008′s Punisher: War Zone.

While Marvel Studios isn’t officially developing any Punisher feature films, the character has returned with a new (unofficial) live-action short film starring someone who’s officially played the character of Frank Castle in one of the three films.

On the evening of Saturday, July 14, 2012, actor Thomas Jane and comic book artist Tim Bradstreet hosted their own panel to talk about their comic book related projects, but the highlight of the presentation was something no one saw coming: a Punisher short film made by them, starring Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman. Below is the official panel description.

RAW Studios: Past, Present, and Future— Thomas Jane (The Punisher 2004), and Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher Max), take you through the paces on their old and new projects. Topics include the Dark Country GN and the upcoming new books The Lycan and Alien Worlds. Guest panelists James Daly (Bad Planet), and Greg Staples (Bad Planet V2) join the fray. Also video and news on RAW’s upcoming feature film western, A Magnificent Death from a Shattered Hand. Plus a major video game announcement AND a very special surprise for friends of Frank! Talk with Q&A, moderated by Jane and Bradstreet.

The special surprise was the called “Dirty Laundry,” a film that brings Jane back into the shoes of Frank Castle for the first time in eight years (since playing the character in 2004′s Punisher), a man who lost it all and decided to use his unique skillset to punish evildoers. It’s brutally violent and entirely in line with the character. The reveal of the Punisher logo (the new design by Bradstreet) on the shirt at the end was very effective.

Bradstreet’s done many comic covers for the Punisher books and worked on posters for both Jane’s Punisher movie and War Zone.  He also served as a concept art on Blade II.

New Punisher Logo Tim Bradstreet 570x270 Thomas Jane Stars in Unofficial Punisher Short Film [Video]

After Ray Stevenson’s portrayal of the character in Lexi Alexander’s Punisher: War Zone failed miserably among critics and at the box office, Lionsgate gave up on the franchise and Marvel got the property back.

The timing of Jane’s fan film is interesting since Marvel Studios is proceeding with ‘Phase Two’ of their franchise, beginning with Iron Man 3, followed by Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. With Ant-Man coming as well, where does that leave The Punisher? And could Jane play Frank Castle again?

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  1. Thomas Jane IS The Punisher, at least in the films presented thus far. Thomas Jane’s Punisher suffered a little bit due to the budget and the time constraint’s on filming. If you haven’t seen it yet, see the extended version of Jane’s Punisher on DVD. It puts back in about 10 minuites or so, and while the extension is not very much like the Punisher comics, it does make the movie even better. I would love to see another Thomas Jane Punisher run.


  2. This was the greatest thing I’ve seen in a while. I want another movie with TJ as The Punisher.

  3. More please!!

  4. That short was better than all 3 Punisher movies.

    I hope they let Thomas Jane use this approach. Very effective and compelling.

    • 3 ? Tj, rs, n who else

      • there was a punisher movie back in the late 80s. couldnt tell you who played him, havent seen it, but ive heard its not that great.

      • Dolph Lundgren.

  5. The only reason War Zone failed is because it wasn’t a story centered around Thomas Jane’s original movie character. I haven’t even seen the movie and I know it was horrible. Thomas Jane did a fantastic job conveying the moral obligations and emotions of the Punisher. I really thought that movie as a whole was pretty well done, John Travolta’s lame haircut aside. It still stands as one of the better comic book movies, and I remember being very surprised by how well the plot was done and how well Thomas Jane acted in that role. Clearly, this 10 minute clip shows he’s up for it once again, I’d love to see him continue from where the first movie left off. As far as I’m concerned, that clip right there is clear evidence he’s simply the best and you can’t replace him.

  6. Seems like every major comic character who gets the Frank Miller treatment has turned out to be an intriguing subject for movie adaptation. Obviously Miller’s Batman works have been mined well. His Wolverine graphic novel is being adapted now. A future Daredevil movie might make use of Miller’s run with DD. They might do well to pair Punisher with DD in a future movie together, basing it on Miller’s work. Who knows.

    • As long as Miller is nowhere near the reigns of making the film, I would love to see a DD film based on Miller’s work.

    • Whoa… Frank MIller had NOTHING to do with “Welcome Back Frank” the storyline the TJ Punisher movie is based on. He also had nothing to do with the creation of Frank.

      is what the movie is based on. Frank Miller has done some great stuff, but give credit where credit is do.

  7. Okay, that was absolutely absurd but great at the same time.
    For a short with a limited budget they did a pretty great job.
    (The bottle throw was a little over the top though)

  8. What I always liked about Jane’s interpretation is that you weren’t sure about him. He had this demeanor where he just didn’t care and one where if I meet him on the street I’d hesitate to mess with him because you’re not entirely sure if he’s aloof, crazy, or just a bad ass.

    I really liked this short and felt like it was a great start to his sequel and hope he is cast as the Punisher again.

  9. Anyone else notice the use of the Joker theme from Dark Knight in there?

    • yeah that bugged me actually, also thought the blood was a little over the top, but a great short

  10. Ha!

  11. wait a minute, when did thor 2 and captain america 2 get those titles?

    • Comic Con. It was announced like two days ago :)

  12. This is all kinds of awesome! I thought his Punisher movie was the best by far.

    Would a studio ever consider making a sequel to a movie that had already been rebooted? It could be the new Hollywood “trend.” Re-retries.

    • Pretend War Zone didn’t happen just like Hulk in 2003 didn’t happen then yeah.

      • I think since Marvel now has the rights, they would reboot the entire franchise. I just hope they don’t try to keep it in a PG realm to include Frank in the current MCU. The Punisher needs to get The Dark Knight treatment and keep a dark & gritty tone.

  13. Very cool! It really makes me sad that the punisher sequel with Jane fell through. He is very passionate about the material. He also did a great job voicing the excellent P22/Xbox game that came out in 04 as well. Though his movie had some flaws, it had a lot of great moments and could have made for a kick butt franchise (especially after getting the origin story out of the way).

  14. WOW since when did people start apologizing for TJ’s ’04 punisher turd?? it was easily the worst film version (including lundgren’s) and TJ was easily the worst frank castle. war zone was actually pretty faithful to the book and stevenson was a good frank castle

  15. Awesome surprise.

  16. Awesome
    New Fx series methinks

  17. I don’t remember the 80′s movie, but I liked the other two. I took them at face value as thugs getting their arses punished. I am a Punisher fanatic. I own every book ever made with Punisher as the main title. (Excluding a few spin offs I’m sure.) So, to see the character back was amazing.

    However, the greatest Punisher titles were the Ennis Max books. It seems to me that including Barracuda from those books would make for one of the greatest action movies ever. I think Jane is good, but not great. He definitely needs to bulk up and they need to make Castle unrelenting as he is in those books. He may be a little old and small for the idea I have.

  18. That was Awesome! Thomas Jane should be the Punisher if they make another.

  19. Warzone failed because of the crappy director and screenplay. Ray Stevenson still looks the best as The Punisher. I wish they would give him another chance at it, but this time with a decent screenplay and a good director at the helm…

  20. WOW! Thomas Jane was amazing! I was blown away…”it’s not revenge it’s punishment”..sorry I had too

  21. Really great, Thomas Jane deserves another movie as the punisher. Hopefully they do it.

  22. A comic book character with no super-powers, no need for special effects, and they make it seem like making a movie is rocket science. It’s a trained soldier with a bunch of weapons who is driven to be a vigilante, tons of decent to bad movies have been made using that set-up.

    The Thomas Jane version attempted to be the most even, but the whole neighbors in peril thing kind of threw it off for me. I like Stevenson and his look matched the character more, but the script and tone were just a awful caricature of what they thought the comic would look like. They managed to use an actual villain from the books with Jigsaw, but the whole crazy brother and parkour meth-head thing was just terrible.

    • @Slayer

      EXACTLY my sentiments. About everything. I’ve always wondered why is it that it seems so hard to get a Punisher movie right when it’s the MOST grounded in reality. While these other ones with all of the super powers and fake gadgets that are so easy to get wrong manage to get it right…

      And I also agree that Stevenson just looked right for the part. He had the size and build for the character, something that Tom Jane lacks, but the story was just garbage, especially the villains, they were just laughably bad…

      And for me, the Tom Jane one was simply WAY too much planning and in-between stuff and far too little action. His character wasn’t dominating enough either. This short was definitely better than that movie because he looked like he can just take out the trash without trying. In the movie, half the time he was getting his ass kicked and he only wins in the end by some trick or dumb luck… That was one aspect of Warzone I did like, besides Stevenson’s look, was how dominating he was through-out that movie. Heck, the “final fight” was so one-sided it was very gratifying. I mean, the dude got body slammed, impaled, then burned… Heck yah… Unfortunately the rest of the movie was just so terrible…

      But I do wish they can bring Stevenson back for the role and just make sure to have a rock-solid story behind it…

      • It just seems to be Hollywood’s way, complicate something simple and try to make things that are paper thin into Citizen Kane…..

  23. The film made the point that the little fish (Which Castle coud take without sweating) just get replaced and nothing gets resolved. These guys were a waste of time for him .. he usually goes for the head of the snake. It’s just that this time (granted after a while) Castle steps in. But imagine him living in that neighborhood 24/7..his disinterest tells me that he tried before but got nowhere for a long time and was jaded on what he could accomplish on the dealers as opposed to the heads of the family. This is our entry that maybe he can do something more with the little step.

  24. Enjoyed the heck out of that. I liked the ’04 film with Jane, but I have yet to see the Stevenson one due to the terrible reviews it has gotten. Would love to Jane get another shot at the Frank Castle character with Marvel pulling the strings.

  25. Absolutely brilliant. I really want another Punisher with Jane

  26. I liked both Punishers, I think TJ’s was the best. I just didn’t like the end when Travolta was drug from the of the car, it was kind of weak cause he didn’t put up much of a fight. Warzone was was good for what if was, a shoot em up how many can I kill someone.

  27. this is by far what THE PUNISHER is supposed to be..aside from his ties to mobsters and your typical MARVEL bad guys, his mission is “to Punish” plain and simple. Thomas Jane has and always has been a fan of The Punisher series..His first foray into the series was good however displaced by its origin and its was great that they had gone the extra mile to base the film mostly on the “Welcome back Frank” storyline that was a hit amongst fans back in the day but the follow thru was awful..especially with the casting of John Travolta..the casting in “Boondock Saints ” was better and better directed..whoever directed this episode should be given an award for “Being able to easily direct a film based on a character that major film directors had failed to do”..These guys have obviously figured out that 1:That the first film was too light on drama and too lite on blood\gore thats typical of a punisher film and 2:that your film cant have straight up violence &blood and gore..that you have to have a common ground ,a happy medium of both…what fans hated of the Thomas Jane Punisher was the fact that there was too much story related to him and the supporting characters,that when it came to moving the storyline that the characters were holding the story back..those who have read the series were annoyed at how long it took to get to the point..also the change of setting to Florida was mistake which screwed up the whole storyline from the get go..Now for those who have never read a punisher book-they liked the movie alot-Thomas Jane for better or worse gives The Punisher more of a humanistic feel then Dolph or Lars ever did..however I do feel in that respect that he is quite miscasted for the role and would do better as an adventurer type like Indiana Jones..


  29. Awesome.