R2-D2 Cake

Made by Kidacity.

The Punisher: No Mercy (Fan Film) TEASER

Enter the dark world of Frank Castle as he continues his bloody crusade against those who would see the world drown in corruption. The Punisher sets his sights on crime boss Dominic Duran and his psychotic right hand man, Vinnie Rizzo whose criminal ways and disregard for innocent lives has put them on a collision course with the most dangerous vigilante on earth.

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Thanks to SR reader Joel Fishbane for sharing!

Gravity Fan Poster

Alfonso Cuarón really likes filming floating people….

Thanks to SR reader Nicolas Inglese for sharing!

Geeky Latte Art

Japanese latte artist Nowtoo Sugi uses syrup to add vibrant colors to his lattes pictures. Kotaku has more pics.

Check out Sugi at work below

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