Host Your Own ‘Psych’ Season 6 Premiere Party – Winner!

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psych season 6 premiere contest Host Your Own Psych Season 6 Premiere Party   Winner!

Thanks to all the Psych fans who entered! It was an extremely difficult decision, but the winner of the Psych contest is:

Sara Unrein – Durham, NC (you can read her wonderful entry on “page 1″ of the comments)

Congratulations to the winner – and keep an eye out… we always have another contest right around the corner!

What better way to celebrate the Psych season 6 premiere on Wednesday, October 12, in which Shawn faces off against Lassie and a lie detector test, than to throw your own premiere party for you and your friends! Answer? There’s nothing better.

No, not even puppies.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any friends (sad, right?)… but we bet you do! Nevertheless, our loss is your gain. USA is providing Screen Rant with an AMAZING prize package to give to you – it’s like a reverse donation, but without all the tax benefits.

How awesome, you ask? Well, it’s as awesome as taking Rainbow Brite, throwing away her stupid horse, replacing it with Falcore from The Neverending Story, making Falcore play an arcade game until he becomes The Last Starfighter (Centauri!), mixing in Ren & Stimpy (it’s because I like that Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy song), and throwing a pineapple on top.

You know what? We lied! This prize pack is better than all of that. Why? Because it’s REAL (spoilers – sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin anything for you).

Don’t believe me? Check out what we’re giving away below:

Psych Prize Pack

psych season 6 premiere party Host Your Own Psych Season 6 Premiere Party   Winner!

  • 6  Psych Snuggies (with a shame pocket – you know you’re going to put a drink in there)
  • 6 Psych Wristbands
  • 6 Psych Pineapple Pillows
  • 1 set of Psych Pineapple Lights
  • A few Wall Clings (we say a few because who knows how many the delivery guy is going to steal – these things are like gold!)
  • 1 set of Psych Seasons 1-5 on DVD (you can keep these for yourself or barter with your friends to make them do stupid things – and then post it on Twitter and Facebook)

Psych season 6 premieres Wednesday @10pm on USA

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  1. For my ultimate Psych party, I would first buy the cast a round of pineapple martinis from my local Firebirds restaurant to get everyone nice & relaxed. Then we’d meet up with the cast of The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink & maybe The Goonies for an awesome dinner of fries quarto queso & corn nuts. Maybe get crazy & throw in some doritos. We’d go to a local pet store & spend some quality time with bunnies before we head back to my house for the premiere. Now it’s a work night, so we’d have to stop drinking those pineapple martinis & switch to slushies. I don’t have any bunnies at my house but Gus & Shawn can take turns holding my 19 year old iguana. She doesn’t bite. Much.

  2. For the ultimate Psych party, which in my dorm happens weekly when the show is in season, a bunch of us gather in the solarium at the end of the hall to watch Psych on the big screen TV and comfy couches and see who spots the pineapple first. However, this summer I bought a Psych mug that I will be flaunting (I know, try to hold back your jealousy) but how sweet would it be if we could all chill in Psych snuggies and sport Psych wristbands? Shawn and Gus would be so proud. And yes, that shame pocket would definitely be used for drinks (preferably pineapple flavored).

  3. I would start the ultimate psych contest with guests walking down a green carpet, with giant inflatable pineapples on each side with the leaves hanging above their heads.
    Of course tears for fear’ greatest hits would be being preformed by Curt Smith.
    Guests would then be served pineapple mojitos by miss Cleo before she gave everyone their very own psychic reading.
    Of course we would have our favorite episodes (like “anerican duos)playing during dinner. Some sort of cheesy baked potatoes, with a world of pineapple inspired dishes and upside down cake. Then of course all watch the 6th season premiere together. At the end of the night we would hand out prizes for our psych costume contest which my wife would of course win a she would be Juliet as “maniac” from
    “talk derby to me”.

    As the show started we would all sign along
    to the theme while dancing in our psych

  4. It would kick off with the Friendly Indians featuring Boy II Men performing the theme live. There would be pizza for everyone (with pineapple whatWHAT). A totally killer screening room with a high def big screen, but with dvr capability, because sometimes we laugh so hard we miss something and must rewind. That’s all it takes to make me happy.

  5. First off, the Psych party would start bright and early in the morning as we eat some toast using the ever-yummy Psych toasters we would have. Then, the rest of the day would be filled with watching every single one of my absolute favorite episodes (not just my favorite episodes, because all 79 are my favorite episodes) My ABSOLUTE favorite episodes includes a nice list of about 15, ranging from “American Duos” to “Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark” to “Any Given Friday Night at 10PM/9PM Central” to the Yin/Yang trilogy. My friends, who would have to be flown in from all across the country, would lounge in a huge, lime green colored home theater (complete with our new Psych Pineapple Lights) with plush seats in the shape of pineapples as we wear our Psych Snuggies and put up the Psych Wall Clings in between episodes. On the menu for the rest of the day would only be pineapple-flavored foods or some Jerk Chicken; either or because we are all fans of delicious flavor. After watching a few episodes, we would all have to take a break to do the following: tap dance in honor of Dule, feed our dogs in honor of Maggie, and speak only in 80s references the entire break in honor of Roday. Every hour on the hour we would tweet up a storm trying to get the Psych cast members to retweet us or reply back. We would begin to feel a little disheartened when after 6 hours of no luck. But wait! The lovely Dule Hill would see one of our tweets and sees we are having a premiere party! He would say he and the rest of the Psych cast just so happen to be right around the corner and are going to stop by! The day would end with the entire cast and my friends bonding and becoming the best friends any one could ask for as we all enjoy the Season 6 premiere! #YouKnowThat’sRight

  6. My party would require the strictest dress code by wearing the cozy Psych “Psnuggies” with a pair of swirly-whirly jungle pants, KangaROOS sneakers and “I’m Rainbow Man!” clown wigs. Once that’s checked, I’ll stock my buffet table with a whole bunch of zany finger foods from “The Curvy A”: Sheila E. Tomato Bark, Mambo Beef Puddles, Velvety Shark Toast – SHARK TOAST!, and Carnival Stud Muffins, Huh!? (but don’t eat the death cap mushroom risotto – it gives you black tongue!!). The beverage stand would be bartended by none other than Brian Flanagan (aka The Cruise), gettin’ his hippy-hippy-shake on while serving Fresh to Death (and spiked) “Blueberries In The Mist”, and other off-the-wall drink names that all start with a silent “P”, like a Proy Rogers, Pvodka Tonic, Ptequila Sunrise, and Pscrew Drivers, all of which will be garnished with (you got it!) three pineapple wedges. When it’s showtime (Oops, I meant USA-time!) then we’ll all gather around my 100″ LED 1440p, Super Flat 3D Hyper HDTV and count down the seconds before the opening scene. When the show is over, the dance party will kick-off with the delicious tunes of Wreckx-n-Effect: “All I wanna do is a-zoom-zoom-zoom-zoom and a boom-boom. Just shake ya rump!” The next morning, I’ll wake-up hungover on the Psych office couch with Lassiter AND Woody by my side while Shawn, asleep at the desk and in a shower cap, snores like a dinosaur mating call. Good times.

  7. I claim a green prairie, painted with the Psych logo so it can be spotted from space. Personal friends are first to know of my party, but all Psych-O’s are welcome. Each guest gets a personal teleportation pineapple so there’s no getting lost to/from my party, and his/her choice of meal items for the duration (which lasts as long as a marathon of all 5 seasons, plus the premiere). Tables of food and drinks span the necessary occupied area, prepared and stocked by android chefs and waiters. Of course, set up at reasonable and well-advertised intervals are stages of every pineapple dish ever invented. Since the area could potentially take up a great deal of prairie, each guest also receives a green convertible hover chair/recliner/soundproof bed with an individual stereo system.

    To view all the wonderful Psych-otic goodness, 3D holograms are projected into the sky above the party—-or, if someone has an episode they want to watch with a (newfound) friend, they may use their personal holographic card, which plugs into the chair to override the skyscreen audio. Once the season premiere has been skyscreened twice (with pause for breaks)and added to the hologram cards’ data bank, everyone may take their chairs and cards (and food, if they choose) home as party favors—-as long as they bring them back for the 7th season premiere!

  8. First, I hit up the Bieber and get him to score another freebie night at
    Staples Center. I go to Club Psych and invite as many psych fans as possible to fill the Stadium. If anyone has a “service dog” (wink! wink!), bring your pupper, too! My silver dapple doxie Wild Boy Rocket Roo loves Psych! We dance to the music! lol! There has to be munchies!
    That fancy looking bread with a pineapple made out of cream cheese and pecans. Real Pineapples, too! We’ll be like a flash mob when we show up
    to watch Psych and then disappear again! I think that would be an AWESOME experience for every single die hard fan of Psych! Are you feelin’ the love???

  9. My ultimate Psych Premiere Party, would start by jumping into my hot tub time machine and grabbing Flock of Seagulls to play at our party on the beach of Santa Barbara, where we will be enjoying popcorn and Pineapple wedges at our bonfire. Later we will have an American Duo’s competition and see whose the better performer, Shawn or Gus (T.T Showbiz). The winner of the American Duo’s competition would win the Molly Ringwald three pack dvds, and gloat accordingly. Lassie loses the Rollerskating contest on the boardwalk to Juliet. Then Henry comes out and yells at Shawn for almost forgetting to Tivo the new episode of PSYCH!!! Everyone rushes inside Henry’s house and piles up with their favorite Cabbage Patch Doll to watch the 6th and BEST SEASON of PSYCH! Where we cant wait to see references to Clue and more Cary Elwes!! :) :) A Psych-O’s life for me! :)

  10. Ok, well obviously, James Roday and Dulé Hill are coming. And as long as they’re coming, it’d be rude not to invite the rest of the cast; I’d hate to offend anyone. I imagine Curt Smith will want to come, too. Since my last name is also Smith, we’re probably related, and it’ll be the greatest/smallest family reunion ever. Cousin/uncle/brother Curt will give a concert to help us pregame, and Tim Omundson will get in the Lassie-mindset by catching the squirrel that lives in my attic. But in addition to all the famous folk who I’m sure want to party it up with me, all my roommates from college will be here, watching Psych together for the first time since graduation. I’ll probably make pineapple cheesecake for everyone to eat. I have a feeling (call it psychic intuition) that it won’t be entirely edible, so I’ll also set out some plain pineapple for dinner, with pineapple dipped in chocolate for dessert. (Seriously. Try it. It’s delicious.) I’d offer to make my favorite cookies, but I’ve heard Gus has a tendency to be a gooey chocolate chip cookie, and I don’t want to cause any problems. I’d hate for James Roday to confuse Dulé with Gus and the cookies; the whole shindig would quickly turn into The Donner Party: Part Two, and I just can’t deal with that kind of notoriety. (Plus, The Smith Party? It would never work, the name’s just too common.)

    Of course there will be 80s music playing the entire night. (Almost the entire night. 9:59 to 11:01 will be absolutely silent except for the sounds of the television and of frequent guffaws.) After the episode, we will have a wild and crazy 80s dance party, completely with black-lights, scrunchies, ridiculous hair, and painfully bright clothes. We may even throw in some headgear and stirrup pants. One can only hope. (Or hope not. I’ve heard it both ways.) By the end of the night, my house will look like Jake Ryan’s in Pretty in Pink, but it will probably be worth it. Oh, and next Wednesday night? Do it allllll again.

    • I feel like an idiot. I meant 16 Candles, not Pretty in Pink. :(

  11. To enter my Psych Premiere Party, those would are deemed worthy would have to dress as their favorite Psych tertiary murder suspect, extra points for bringing a Little Boy Cat. Once their costume has been verified, they would saunter down a green pineapple printed carpet into the inner sanctum. My Psych Premiere Party would then start with a marathon of all of the seasons of Psych back-to-back-to-back-to-delicious-flavor-back, like Butt-Numb-a-Thon, but even more Butt-Numbier. After everyone had thoroughly mainlined enough Psych to kill a lesser man or woman, they would re-charge with some snacks of delicious flavor, all 80s movie themed like “Sixteen Candies,” “Breakfast Food Club Sandwich, “Beetlejuice Punch,” or “Red Fawn jerky” with pineapple accents, served by Tony Cox dressed as Babe with the Blue Ox. Once they had nourished their bodies, they would then claim their seats for the premiere by having a Psych quiz-a-thon, loser gets that lame seat in the back that’s right behind the pylon that you can’t really see around. Then the pineapple lights would dim, the popcorn eating would start, I would stand up and say “PSYCH SEASON PREMIERE IS A GO!” and everyone would chant “You know that’s right!”

  12. I would envite the whole cast for a party at a mansion near the loyola campus have fries quarto queso for Shawn and Gus and like 70 tv’s one in every room and like 7 out side where there would be a bunny petting zoo, have pineapple drinks and pineapple desserts and many more things such as pineapple jello and allot of Guatemalan food that my mom would make Shawn and Gus would never leave my mom is the best cook ever allot of people can testify for that and then have all guest stars appear and all the idols from Shawn and Gus and of course everyone would be envied to the party near the lake front all decorated with psych gear. And if I win I’ll throw the party. And you psych-os will all be envied.

  13. I would have the party at Dominican university because the have a huge courtyard to have a projector screen playing the season premier and before all reruns of episodes having pineapple drinks and fries quarto queso for tue cast of psych who are all invited. It would be amazing

  14. Since I could have anything in the world, I would get myself a flying unicorn that can go back into time. So in other words, a flying time unicorn. I’d ride it back into the 80’s when disco wasn’t murdered. Enjoy myself a bit, and steal Curt Smith or at least someone that looks like him, then come back to our time. And as I stated, since I could have anything in the world, I would definitely have a big theater room at my house, and I’d steal a Blueberry just for the sake of it. I’d give my friends an invitation few days before by leaving a pineapple by their door. Then I’d pick em’ up with the Blueberry. Not sure if I can really fit six people inside, so someone might have to squish in the trunk.. SHHHHH. As soon as we reach my house, I’d show them to the pool where Curt Smith or someone that looks like him is playing an acoustic set next to my tree and my swimming pool decorated with the pineapple lights. After a very enjoyable show, we’d go inside where I’ll make some pineapple upside down cake, and cheese-less grilled cheese with the fantabulous Psych toaster, which I still have yet to buy, served with some Aloha Pineapple jumba juice. We’d take our food, or even better- we can be lazy and have people serve these food to us in the theater. We’d get our pillows, snuggie up our snuggies, and watch all we can watch psychfet. Get it? It’s like an “all you can eat buffet”…. No? Oh, okay.. then nevermind. Sounds legit, eh?

  15. I would commandeer an NFL stadium that is a decent distance for most Americans to travel to because all of America would be attending season 6 premiere, no questions asked (cause anyone who’s anyone is gonna be at this premiere) I’d get some aliens to beam down sodas, popcorns, hotdogs, pineapples, in copious quantities cause 1) all of America will be in attendance and 2) ‘Psych’ always leaves any civilian with a hunger for justice. The episode would be viewed on the Jumbotron and during the commercials there will be mini half time shows preformed by Hall & Oats, Phil Collins, Men at Work (to name a few) with a special appearance by Dogberry (James Roday’s college band, they will be making this stop on their reunion tour). Everyone will receive commemorative ‘Psych’ blankets, footie pajamas’ and leg warmers to ensure optimal warmth and once the episode is over everyone (including the mini half time shows) will jump on a giant hover board to a space station named ‘the shaggy wagon’ where there will be a fiesta, 80s themed and everyone will party until a wormhole consumes the space station and spits everyone back out into 1983 and everyone will get to either experience or relive the 1980s as everyone should. 

  16. The hours leading to my ultimate Psych premiere party would consist of an Epic Psych Scavenger Hunt! (aka get the most stupendous group of people together to watch the most fantastic show in the world)

    By any means possible (car, boat, train, plane, teleport, even para shoot out of a plane to the middle of nowhere)

    #1:Go to Cassadage Florida (town filled with psychics) and find a real psychic dective. If there isn’t one, I would take a few regular psychics, they could be helpful in the rest of the hunt (and not to mention, I bet they would be a hoot!)

    #2:Find the following real life individuals… Ovaltine Jenkins, Chocolate Columbo, Bruton Gaster, Lavender Gooms, Lemongrass Gogulope, Squirts MacIntosh, Galileo Humpkins, Shmuel Cohen, Paddy Simcox, Chesterfield McMillan,and Felicia Fancybottom. (I mean seriously what would a Psych watching party be like with out multiple Gus aliases.)

    #3: Oh any why not… shoot on over to Vancouver and get the entire cast.

    Once all of these wonderful people were gathered, we would all go to Nambour Queensland, where we would gather together inside of the worlds largest pineapple. Eat pineapple chicken bites, pineapple dole whips, and drink pineapple cocktails. As we enjoy the best day of my entire life!

  17. For my ultimate Psych party I would put together a 3 year High School reunion, because anybody can have a 5 year reunion. And every name tag would reflect a character from a famous John Hughes movie. Plus I have to invite Emilo Estevez and Anthony Michael Hall so that I can convince them to guest star in an episode of Psych so that they’ll can have a full collection of Breakfast Club cast members.


  18. I’m a simple girl with simple needs. I just need the cast to come over and hang with me and my family while we watch our favorites episodes for a few hours and then the premiere. I’ll prepare our usual pineapple buffet with goodies like sweet & sour chicken kabobs, pineapple smoothies, pineapple upside down cupcakes, and not-pineapple popcorn. If someone brought fries quattro quesos dos fritos, we wouldn’t complain. Perhaps Gus will don an apron and serve us the pineapple smoothies. Sean can entertain us with a movie trivia game during commercial breaks and give away Snuggies and wristbands and pillows, if anyone can top his knowledge. They can help us spot the pineapple if we don’t find it ourselves. Maybe Lassie can even take care of my pesky squirrel problem while he is here. Just a nice, relaxing day with the cast. I’ll even make them breakfast if they want to sleep over.

  19. Hmmm. The Ultimate Psych Premiere Party. Well, first of all, it would most definitely start of with a Holla, and end with a Creamsicle. And of there’s time in between… maybe a Thundercats, Ho! I would definitely find a way back to the late 80’s (maybe via a certain DeLorean that belongs to Doc Brown) and kidnap every brat packer (before they got all old and weird) and bring them back with me to the party. Especially Judd, Emilio, and Cusack because let’s face it, they’d be the funnest. Maybe Ally Sheedy, idk, she creeps me out after all this Yang stuff. Anywho, I’d rent out a movie theatre for the big event because Shawn and Gus deserve to be on the big screen. Oh, and while I’m in the late 80’s I’d fast forward on up to the 90’s and grab a whole ton of that weird Pop Secret that was colored, and I’d get the green popcorn in honor of Psych and bring it back for the party. Everyone would be forced to wear a Psych snuggie because let’s face it, they are AWESOME! Then everybody would be assigned a Gus nickname and would only be allowed to answer to that all night long. Quattro Quesos Dos Fritos would be served all night long, along with chicken fingers and various pineapple drinks. After the show we’d all play pin the tail on Simon Baker and then we’d all go down to the local high school and reenact all 97 wonderful minutes of the Breakfast Club. Then I’d send everyone home and go to bed knowing I was the happiest girl in the world.

  20. For the ultimate Pshych party I would gather a group of men and woman frozen for years in the cryogenics chambers of Disney. Make them watch some of the horrible shows that have come out over the years and when they think all has gone to hell, I would unvail Pshych to them. BOOM! best party ever and we would probably drink some PBR to….

  21. My perfect Psych party would include, but is not limited to, Psych snuggies being worn backwards because they are, after all, just robes. My Psych loving friends and I would then gather around the 60 inch television in our perfect replica of the Psych office as our variety of pineapple deliciousness was delivered to us on the snack line running through the office. Before the show started we would sit around making obscure 80’s references as we reminisced about our childhood. Once the show started we would all gather our bean bag chairs around the television and watch the premier. There would, of course be a separate room for the squeamish guests to go to when there was a dead body on the screen. When the show was over we would rewatch it, because we recorded it, and we would begin learning every line and soak in all of the new nicknames and iconic references.

  22. Get the TARDIS from the Doctor, pick up the tenth doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, and Donna Noble (from Doctor Who). Go to when they were filming the Psych season 6 premeire and photo bomb every scene (having a competition like Shawn and Gus did to see who can get on camera the most). For food, we would have tons of Pineapple juice to drink, lots of Hawaiian pizza, pineapple upside-down cake, and piña coladas. Along with the previously mentioned guests, Doctor Horrible and Nathan Fillion would also come to our party, being drawn to the sheer awesomeness that is our party. A bouncy castle and laser tag would of course be involved as tailgating events leading up to the premiere. A plasma hd big screen tv with mind blowing surround sound would magically be delivered to my door. Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley and his wife would also come. And afterwords everyone is invited to a pool party in the TARDIS with a flipping awesome water slide going into a pineapple shaped pool.

  23. I would hire a real psychic. In invite all my friends who love the show over, and see if the psychic can figure out “who dun it” before a room full of psych fanatics!

  24. nothing to special.Pizza and a lot of beer and Jack.

  25. My friends and I make the Psych premier like our own little super bowl. My friend Steve and I started watching the show from the beginning, and have recruited many loyal fans thus far that all come together for our premier party. Everyone is required to dress up like characters of the show (the pineapple costume is in the mail). Since we have recruited many hot females to watching the show, pineapple mud wrestling is in the works. Tradition calls us to order dominos pizza with… u guessed it… pineapple toppings. Desert for the night includes Pinkberry (James Roday’s favorite), pineapple upside down cake, and pineapple cream pie. Before the premier, it is all about competition. We constantly quiz each other on anything psych. The competition this year includes reciting whole scenes from the episodes, and an original game that goes on all year round of finding the hidden pineapple in the house. There is also going to be some amazing truth or dare with a polygraph machine (if Shawn can beat it I am sure we can). The topping on the pineapple of the night is cuddling up with everyone and watching the first episode, which I know will blow our minds away as usual. Whaaaaaaat.

  26. I would have a green carpet welcoming all my guests (like at the Psych fan appreciation day that I unfortunately could not go to). In addition to my friends and family, I would fly in the cast and producers/writers. As a special treat for James Roday, I would also fly in several main characters from “Twin Peaks.” We would have piña coladas and blueberry mist smoothies all night. All food served would have pineapple or be a favorite food/snack of Shawn and Gus. Guest can even create their own pineapple upside down cake with the many easy bake ovens that will be randomly placed throughout the house. A concert with Tears For Fears and Quarterblack would start the festivities. Then everyone will watch the season premiere in their cozy psych snuggie! During which, the person who spots the pineapple first wins a walk on role for season 7! After the show, we will have trivia and quote games! All and all, seeing the premiere with my friends and some pineapples will make it the best psych premiere party ever!

  27. It would be an day and evening to remember.
    An a day cookout with all sorts of pineapple dishes at a major sports stadium, lots of green grass all over. plus the stadium would have a jumbotron to watch Psych all day on a really big screen. Plus the game of charades to guess all of Shawn’s nicknames for Gus.
    We would all then watch the premiere
    wearing our Psych snuggies and wrapped in pineapple lights, laying on the field on our pineapple Psych pillows. Afterwards a nacho
    bar with a nacho cheese fountain.
    Then ending the evening being rocked by none other than the friendly Indians.
    You know that’s right!

  28. Okay, so … since myself, my college-age son, and eldest grand-daughter (age 11) are all Psych-a-holics, we’d want to do our Fan Viewing Party up right. Let’s see … what comes to mind is this, reenacting the theme from a favorite episode – “Tuesday, the 17th” with a few special touches. Picture this if you will, our place all decked out like a scene from a Horror film (side note: bonus – it being close to Halloween), cheesy spooky music playing from a cassette tape player, slasher movie inspired snacks, everyone dressed up as characters from the show, and a Psych marathon playing on the fuzzy black and white TV we managed to scrounge up from someone’s garage. But to make the night truly memorable and the event complete … PINEAPPLES! Yes, that infamous prickly maned fruit decorating every available surface, as well as, cut up and being served right along side all the other goodies.

  29. For my ultimate Psych party. I would have double chocolate mango pineapple scones, frozen yogurt (as many flavors as possible), piña coladas, and of course sliced pineapple! We would all wear Psych themed clothes and sing the Psych theme song while waving out Psych iPhone cases! Maybe some spirits would even be there! That would be the best party ever!